Petmemoir sensitises pet owners on protecting their domestic companions in the event of a hurricane.

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Petmemoir sensitises pet owners on protecting their domestic companions in the event of a hurricane.

September 01
20:40 2020

Pet authority and e-commerce company, Petmemoir, offers tips on how pet owners can protect their domestic companions in the event of a hurricane.

The company, which offers a vast array of pet memorial gifts to ease the pain of a pet loss is educating the public on how to eliminate further losses if a hurricane should occur. Most people in parts of the country that are hit by hurricanes, probably already know to have an emergency kit ready for a moment’s notice, however, Petmemoir questions if we have everything prepared for our four-legged friends.

Here are a few tips from Petmemoir on what you should have prepped for your dog or cat in any emergency situation, even if it’s not a hurricane.

A carrying crate:

When dangerous weather hits, it’s a good idea to have a pet carrying crate for your animal, so you know they will be safe inside. Freeman suggests doing some pre-crate training, so when an emergency strikes, it’s not your animal’s first time going in.


If a worst-case scenario happens and you do become separated from your pet, you’ll want to make sure that they are adequately identified. That means having an ID on the collar, or one step further: making sure your pet is microchipped. “Consider microchip identification for your pets, as this is a permanent way to identify them and is used universally by animal shelters and veterinarians,” Freeman said.

A pet emergency kit:

Having an emergency kit on hand in case something disastrous happens will save you so much stress in the long run. Pememoir suggests a slew of necessities, such as disposable food and water bowls, ample food, vet records, a list of pet-friendly hotels, pet waste bags, a bed or blanket, a leash and a harness.

And, of course: Be aware of hazards on the ground. Some dangerous things may not be all that worrisome for humans. Still, animals are a lot closer to the ground than we are, so items like debris, spilt chemicals or even a downed power line can be hazardous to our pets—actually, in those cases, those hazards are scary for humans, too.

That’s another reason why having a pet carrier can keep your dog or cat out of harm’s way. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to be in a severe weather emergency with your pet, but if you do, it’s better to be safe and prepared than stressed out and sorry if something terrible ever happens.

Petmemoir, located in Beijing, designs, sells and distributes pet memorial gifts, tips and products that bring comfort to pet owners during grieving times of a pet loss. The company ships all its merchandise to any location in the world within 5 to 10 business days using logistic companies such as EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.

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