China’s lavender production declines to 40%, primarily because of prevailing weather conditions

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China’s lavender production declines to 40%, primarily because of prevailing weather conditions

September 03
15:35 2020

Recently, in Yili, that the only lavender origin in China, more than 20,000-acre lavenders had been cut and distilled ahead of the time. In Huocheng Hengya Fragrance Co., Ltd., we saw that the truckloads of lavender are pulled by tractors and piled up in the field like hills. The manger told us for the high temperature come too early and with more rain and hail, the farmer and the company worried about the quality of lavender essential oil, they decided to harvest ahead of the time.

Although they use the steam board with Chinese patent, it is also the most efficient equipment for distilling essential oil in global. However, the head told us that it is being processed 24 hours a day to work, if lavender is not treated immediately, the production and quality could not be insured.

In the 1970s, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced lavender to Yunnan, Gansu and Yili of Xinjiang. Finally, the standard Lavender only survived in Yili, and  could be distilled to extract essential oil. Yili is subordinate to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is located in the Yili Valley in the northwest of Tian Shan, bordering on Kazakhstan, and has temperate alpine climate.

The same latitude as Provence, France. The average daily light of 16 hours in summer, with the gravel soil and snowmelt irrigation, they provide unique growth conditions for lavender. In just 3 decades, four varieties of lavender have been developed in Yili, corresponding to different uses and market demands. It involves in Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula alba, which are specially used to extract essential oil, and 701 lavender, a new hybrid with Xinjiang wild lavender, and the blue lavender bred in space for viewing.

Lavender can not be planted all over Yili. It is mainly distributed in Huocheng County. In the 8th company of 65th regiment in Huocheng County, where is the Chinese lavender birthplace, the main variety is Lavandula angustifolia, as the Chinese lavender highest level, it has charming and strong aroma. The manager of Huocheng Hengya Fragrance Co.,Ltd., told us that their almost 80% essential oil was expert to many countries in every year.

And yet, he said: ”The decline is down to 40%, the business is hard to compare with the other years.”

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