TAT helps tourism industry adapt to the “new normal”

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TAT helps tourism industry adapt to the “new normal”

September 05
02:23 2020

With the gradual alleviation of the epidemic in various markets in the Asia-Pacific region, the tourism industry has begun to show signs of recovery. Various destinations have begun to take initial measures to stimulate tourism, and to prepare for receiving inbound tourists in the future. In order to ensure the safety and health of tourists, and to help Thailand’s tourism industry adapt to the “new normal” after the epidemic, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (“TAT”) has launched various initiatives to promote the recovery of the country’s tourism industry.

Regional travellers represent a significant proportion of Thailand’s inbound tourism sector. With travel beginning to open up in the region, in several public speeches over the past few months, TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn has repeatedly welcomed visitors to travel to Thailand when it becomes possible and safe to do so.

In order to prepare for the moment when regional travel becomes possible again and to share the charm of Thailand with users from across the globe, TAT Shanghai Office recently launched an integrated campaign with leading international travel services provider Trip.com Group, which serves over 400 million users worldwide across its platforms.

Actively responding to the outbreak

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the government of Thailand has taken a series of measures to curb its spread in Thailand and achieved fruitful results.

A local report from July 28 shows that among the 184 countries suffering COVID-19, Thailand has won the first place in the world in terms of “Global Recovery Index”.

In order to better protect the health and safety of tourists in Thailand, TAT, together with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports (Thailand) and the Ministry of Public Health (Thailand), launched the “Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration” (“SHA”) certification in April 2020. All Thailand tourism businesses with SHA certification are certified as safe tourism institutions by the government of Thailand.


The SHA certification aims to upgrade the safety and health standards for Thailand tourism services, encourage the tourism industry to participate in epidemic control practices, and to ensure the safety of domestic and international tourists alike by providing high-quality products and services. The certification is one of the number of efforts TAT has led to alleviate the adverse impact of COVID-19 on tourism and expedite the recovery of tourism and related industries.

Thailand welcomes inbound tourists after the epidemic

Along with other countries across the APAC region, China is an important source of foreign tourists for Thailand. Despite the outbreak, Chinese tourists remain enthusiastic about traveling to Thailand. According to the “Google x Trip.com Group | 2020 APAC Consumer Behavior and Attitude Research Report of the Tourism Industry”, Thailand ranked second among favored destinations for users in Asia-Pacific region between January and June 2020.

TOP 20 Favored Destinations of Trip.com Group’s Users in Asia-Pacific Region in 2020

Data Source: Google x Trip.com Group | 2020 APAC Consumer Behavior and Attitude Research Report of the Tourism Industry

The Thailand government looks forward to reopening borders to inbound tourists when the epidemic has been brought under control. TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn praised China’s effectively response to the epidemic, and noted that it was encouraging to see the country’s citizens getting their lives back on track. Yuthasak Supasorn also noted that Thailand places great importance on the market, and that he was looking forward to welcoming Chinese tourists back to Thailand in the near future.

Anutin Charnvirakul, Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Health, said that in order to ensure the health and safety of inbound tourists, relevant government departments will cooperate with countries that have been able to bring COVID-19 under control. The deputy spokesperson of Thailand Prime Minister’s Office also expressed her confidence that the tourism industry will experience a gradual but strong recovery, and it is vital to promote sustainable development of the Thailand economy.

Help tourism operators adapt to the “new normal” after COVID-19

In preparation for the resumption of inbound tourism after the epidemic, TAT partnered with leading international travel services provider Trip.com Group to carry out innovative and immersive live-streaming campaigns, including on the company’s “BOSS LIVE” and “KOL LIVE” platforms.

Since April, TAT has worked with Trip.com Group and KOLs to hold two livestream sessions in Bangkok and Shanghai, with an overall impression exposure of over 10 million and a total viewership of over 400,000. In the “BOSS LIVE” session broadcast in early July, Thailand hotel sales achieved an excellent performance, with over RMB 10 million worth of booking orders made during the livestream. Trip.com Group has also updated the Thailand official flagship store on its platforms in line with the changes in traveller preferences, and giving users the inspiration to make their next trip to Thailand.

TAT Shanghai Office recently launched the “TAT Shanghai Online Marketplace”, a free online platform providing an effective channel for communication and collaboration between the Chinese and Thailand tourism industries during this period. Combining the characteristics of Thailand tourism and the preferences of Chinese tourists, this platform presents various Thailand tourism services to Chinese tour operators, and helps tour operators to identify products and services they need in a more direct and effective manner.

TAT Shanghai Office will continue to update the platform with up-to-date tourism products and information services on a regular basis, thereby promoting multi-channel business cooperation between cross-border tourism industries, and providing impetus to the industry’s recovery.

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