Working Remotely From Belize Isn’t Just Possible… It’s Probable

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Working Remotely From Belize Isn’t Just Possible… It’s Probable

September 08
06:20 2020

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world a long list of lessons, one of the best may be that remote work schedules not only work for businesses but offer myriad advantages for workers, too. According to Fox Business News, “Around 40-percent of Facebook’s employees were interested in permanent remote work, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in May. Three quarters… said they might move to another place.”

Plenty of these careerists are thinking out of the box and considering relocating beyond the boundaries of the U.S. and Canada. A growing number of the 398,728 people currently living in Belize, according to World Population Review’s 2020 estimate, are ex-pats from the U.S. who love the fact that they can escape seasonal bad weather, pay astonishingly low real estate taxes, enjoy unlimited access to Caribbean water sports and live like royalty on around $2,000 USD monthly.

“Belize has become the epicenter of migration for successful North American careerists who undertake all aspects of their jobs from their homes while enjoying a lifestyle free of the stress, traffic and extremely high costs of living they leave behind,” says Scott Fuson, Sales Director for one of the newest and most successful Ambergris Caye residential and commercial developments, Salt Life Belize.

“Why live and work in the U.S. when one can flourish in paradise and enjoy quality of life benefits that are exceptional? Further, Belize retirement benefits begin at age 45. Who wouldn’t want to retire while still career building or considering launching a new business?” Fuson adds.

Credit for Salt Life Belize’s unique approach to development goes to a former U.S. citizen whose dream of creating an idyllic haven along the Caribbean Sea capable of meeting the needs of residents took shape when he moved to Belize 30 years ago. From luxurious, affordable condos with serene views to the construction of a full service resort and fly fishing lodge, east side beach club, estate homes, restaurants, bars and tour outlets throughout the development, residents enjoy 50 acres of splendor in addition to having plenty of like-minded ex-pats as neighbors.

“We organize Salt Life Belize fact-finding tours so retirees and a growing influx of younger people can see what it would be like to live here,” adds Fuson. “The tour is comprised of three days of nonstop activity so potential owners learn what awaits them if they decide to follow the trend and relocate. Another fact appreciated by retirees who fear they will miss family occasions is that flights home can take just a couple of hours. Plenty of people we have hosted had no idea that Belize was this close to the U.S.!”

Salt Life Belize is a unique development offering superior real estate in an area not known for affordability. Situated along the Caribbean Sea, condos are especially attractive to retirees eager to live among other ex-pats. Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums with on-water balconies and roomy interiors are available for occupation now, as the community’s Salt Beach Club moves toward completion by year’s end.

For more information, contact the Salt Life Belize sales team at (833) 627-0106; [email protected].

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