Real Estate Magnate Zack Ross On The Power Of Manifesting And Following One’s Vision

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Real Estate Magnate Zack Ross On The Power Of Manifesting And Following One’s Vision

September 08
17:56 2020
Real Estate Magnate Zack Ross On The Power Of Manifesting And Following One’s Vision
How the power of affirmation and manifestation became the pillar of the real estate rock star’s success

Real estate success Zack Ross knows, more than anyone, the power of believing in your dreams and manifesting those dreams to reality. All throughout his career, from being a nine-to-five regular employee to a multi-millionaire real estate extraordinaire, Zack has consistently emphasized how important and integral affirmations and manifestations are to his journey towards success.

His journey started when he was 10 years-old, walking with his father, he learned that he wanted to be a part of the real estate industry. From that day on, he quickly realized what he wanted to do when he grew up and from there he drew his first time manifesting his future. Fast forward to today, that dream has now turned into a reality with plenty of other dreams to take its place.

Two years into his real estate journey, Zack Ross made his first million. Since then, Zack has been consistent in his vision and continues to thrive in the real estate market by buying, fixing, and flipping real estate across Silicon Valley in cities like San Francisco, San Jose, Redwood City, Vallejo, and Santa Cruz. Between the ages of 26 and 30, he has accumulated an impressive portfolio and has made over $10 million in real estate transactions. It was no easy feat, but truly worth it for a dream.

Over the course of his career, Zack has been fortunate to work with some brilliant minds like Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez, experts in their own right. Together they built an online course called HSMC or Home Sharing Management Company.

One of the pillars of Ross’ success is to always be a student and a learner. To hone his craft, Zack continuously learns about psychology methods such as HEXACO, Dark Triad, Myers-Briggs, and body language reading. This allows him to elevate the depth of his understanding of a client, making a transaction more authentic and personal.

The road to success may be rocky and steep, but Zack Ross is on a mission to prove that with much perseverance, positive affirmations, and discipline, reaching the peak will be worth the wait. Currently, Zack hopes to inspire many more people through a book he is writing that steps into his different interests and wisdom that brought him success. Moreover, Ross also offers one-on-one mentoring sessions on how to wholesale and flip houses.

Zack hopes to manifest more dreams, like expanding his brand, buying a Fortune 500 company, spearheading a TV show, and starting the most effective after-school day program for kids. With his track record, these dreams will definitely turn into a reality.

Connect and learn more about Zack Ross on his Instagram page.

About Zack Ross

Zack Ross is a real estate expert who buys, fixes, and flips real estate throughout the cities in Silicon Valley, such as San Jose, San Francisco, Redwood City, Santa Cruz, and Vallejo

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