PremiumCare Offers Calming Dog Chews to Help Pets Deal with Anxiety

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PremiumCare Offers Calming Dog Chews to Help Pets Deal with Anxiety

November 19
07:33 2020
Dogs experience anxiety as much as humans do. Understanding behavioral changes with proper medication helps dogs and fur parents muddle through anxiety attacks.

There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are great companions and give unconditional love to their fur parents. But just like humans, dogs may go through anxiety because of various causes, and this situation may go unchecked. PremiumCare, a trusted brand that offers dog supplements from high-quality natural ingredients, aims to help dogs battle anxiety. With the mission to keep dogs loved and happy, PremiumCare develops an array of tasty and guaranteed dog vitamins and healthy treat options for all purposes.

“We understand that dogs are family, and they deserve the same love and care they give us. This is why PremiumCare strives to provide reliable products with full nutritional value to keep our best buddy happy and healthy at all times.” shares a spokesperson from PremiumCare.

It is a challenge to spot dog anxiety, but there are signs owners can observe. Some indications are panting, shivering, constant barking or whining, and even aggression toward pets or people. Experiencing these is just as frustrating for the fur parents. Dog anxiety may be in-born or the so-called General Anxiety in dogs. It may also be triggered by external factors including physical trauma, mental or physical abuse, abandonment, or prolonged exposure to loud noises. It is best to consult doctors to identify what medication will work best for every pup situation as side effects like rapid heart rate are possible with some anti-anxiety medications.

Natural remedies like PremiumCare’s dog Calming Chews are organic, all-natural pet supplements that can help lower stress levels and reduce aggression. It contains chamomile and valerian extract, which are proven effective to decrease hyperactivity and aggression. PremiumCare Calming Chews also helps produce serotonin in dogs – the same happy hormones humans have.

In addition to the Calming Chews, PremiumCare makes a variety of tasty treats that support overall health for dogs. These include all-natural Omega-3 Chews, 15-in-1 multivitamin, allergy relief supplements, Hemp Mobility Chews which improve hip and joint mobility, and Grass Burn, Probiotic and Cranberry chews to improve overall digestive health.

Omega 3 treats are natural support that can improve the dog’s heart and brain activity. PremiumCare’s Omega Treats are specifically formulated to support brain function and boost the immune system. It also acts as dog allergy relief because it contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Biotin to keep itching away either for puppies or adult dogs.

Pet owners have provided positive feedback on the brand because of its affordability, product reliability, and good customer service. Allison recently said in a testimonial, “These calming treats are great and budget-friendly! Been using them on our two dogs for a few days and have noticed a huge improvement. I’m glad I ordered! Also, their customer service is top-notch and very friendly. Thank you!”

All PremiumCare products guarantee to help heal and keep dogs healthy from the inside out. PremiumCare assures that every treat has zero artificial fillers and preservatives that can be harmful to a dog’s health.

PremiumCare offers a 100% Risk-Free, Satisfaction Guarantee. For more information on PremiumCare, visit

About PremiumCare

PremiumCare is a provider of reliable dog supplements and vitamins for every purpose. PremiumCare uses zero artificial fillers in all its products guaranteeing safe and healthy treats for all dog types.

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