Navigation For Daily Living’s Akashic Astrology Shop Black Friday Deals Are Here

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Navigation For Daily Living’s Akashic Astrology Shop Black Friday Deals Are Here

November 21
00:24 2020
Navigation For Daily Living’s Akashic Astrology Shop Black Friday Deals Are Here: 25% – 80% off All Akashic Records Readings and Astrology Reports

Kicking off this Friday, November 20, Akashic Astrology’s Black Friday deals start just in time to start getting ready for the Holiday Season. 

New Offering

Get your loved ones, or yourself a personalized Astrology Report or an Akashic Record Reading at low prices, high value, and keen insights.

Akashic Records Shop is offering Customized Banners for Astrology Readings — 10 personalized banner options for the Natal Report, The Solar Return Report, and all Three Transit Reports for just $1.25.

Image of Customized Banners for Astrology Listing:

Image of Classic Style With Personalized Banner:

Image of Special Design Banners:


Save up to 70% on the Birth Chart and Natal Report, 60% on all other Astrology Reports; and 25% off all Akashic Record Readings.

“It’s truly an honor to provide this service to so many different people from various backgrounds around the world. Making Astrology and the Akashic Records affordable while maintaining quality during a stressful time of the year, amidst a difficult 2020 is of utmost importance,” said Nina Banday, founder of Navigation for Daily Living and Akashic Astrology Shop. 

Akashic Astrology Shop is available on Etsy and Navigation for Daily Living’s website.

Astrology Reports

Birth Chart and Natal Report is 70% – just $8.39

3-Month Horoscope Transit Report is 60% – just $9.59

6-Month Horoscope Transit Report is 60% – just $12.79

12-Month Horoscope Transit Report is 60% – just $17.19

Relationship Synastry Compatibility Report is 60% – just $12.39

Relationship Report and Composite Chart is 60% – just $13.19

Solar Return Report is 60% – just $11.59

Akashic Records Readings

Soul Profile and Mini-Clearing is 25% – just $33.73

Situation Analysis Reading and Clearing is 25% – just $44.98

Blocks and Restrictions Reading and Clearing is 25% – just $56.23

Relationship Situation Analysis Reading and Clearing is 25% – just $52.48

Property Clearing is 25% – just $37.50

Hear What Customers Are Saying:

“I was blown away with the information from my Akashic Record!! The information resonated with my soul and gave me the guidance I have been in search of. I highly recommend getting a report!” – Peggy, Akashic Record Reading Soul Profile and Mini Clearing

“Amazing chart. Great depth and detail. Kind service and wonderful insights highly recommend this shop. She went into great detail and was incredibly gracious. 10+ stars! Thanks so much!!” – April Lady, Astrology Natal Report and Birth Chart  

About Akashic Astrology Shop

Akashic Astrology Shop has served over 500 clients from 20 different countries since its launch on September 30, 2020, providing affordable Astrology Reports and Akashic Record Readings for those who want to dig deeper and know who they are on a soul-level.

About Navigation for Daily Living

Navigation for Daily Living devotes itself to empowering and transforming thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, and creatives since 2017. With unique offerings that include Akashic Record Readings, Astrology, and proven-coaching techniques, Navigation for Daily Living customizes its services to meet the unique needs of the individuals it serves.

Navigation for Daily Living has worked with hundreds of clients to get results in their business, relationships, and life goals. Navigation for Daily Living focuses on helping clients navigate daily life and resolve past trauma while building a legacy for generations to come.

Instagram: mamaninasol

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