ICONIQ Promotes Innovation and Industrial Upgrading, Accelerating Global Electric Vehicles into the 2.0 Era

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ICONIQ Promotes Innovation and Industrial Upgrading, Accelerating Global Electric Vehicles into the 2.0 Era

September 20
20:20 2021

ICONIQ, the world’s pioneering smart electric vehicle company, is promoting innovation and upgrading of the entire industry while the new era of global EV enterprise defined by innovation has begun. If the first half of the competition in the electric vehicle (EV) market is about electric, the theme of the second half is innovation. As new trends have emerged in the automobile market, namely software-defined vehicles, internet-connected vehicles, data-driven vehicles, artificial intelligence-assisted vehicles and service-expanded vehicles, in the EV market, conventional enterprises and new competitors have been relying on AI, big data and other technologies to improve the intelligence of their products. Standing in the new industry forefront, futuristic car enterprises, represented by ICONIQ and Rivian, are setting off the intelligent precedent of the industry with their unique advantages.

As a global high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand, ICONIQ has made many outstanding achievements in research and development, design, technological innovation and industrial chain building, all contributing to the better experience of the passengers. ICONIQ has  established strategic partnerships with the leading companies in the technology and automobile industry such as Microsoft, Magna Steyr, Amer International Group, AutoX and W Motors during its rapid development. By cooperating with Microsoft and AutoX, ICONIQ has made major breakthroughs in telematics and autonomous driving, taking the lead in the current intelligence upgrades of EV. ICONIQ’s management team is made up of a combination of experienced and world-renowned executives from different global industry giants. In addition, the experts from automobile, software development and user experience have also been contributing to ICONIQ’s development. Headquartered in Shenzhen, ICONIQ has four core global branches, namely the administrative center in Tianjin, China, the research and development center and supply chain in Shanghai, China, the modeling design center in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the engineering center in Graz, Austria. Presently, it has two product series, ICONIQ and ICONIQ W Series.

Based on the deep understanding of the global EV market, ICONIQ believes that their rapid development of intelligence and electrification in the automobile industry is reshaping the competition and inspiring innovations. The future competition in the smart electric vehicle industry will not only be dominated by hardware, but also software and the integration of both. ICONIQ integrates the resources of the world’s top automotive manufacturing and technical team and cooperates with leading enterprises in the field of vehicle design, chassis development, EPT system, software control, autonomous driving and other fields. All of the above-mentioned elements form a super-efficient force.

Autonomous driving is becoming a standard function for EVs. In the future, self-driving cars will be regarded as robots with transportation capabilities. ICONIQ cooperates with AutoX, the global leader in the autonomous driving industry, to bring L4 and above autonomous driving technology into a wider application. In April this year, ICONIQ announced that it will jointly build the world’s first electric vehicle defined by autonomous driving technology with AutoX, and fully promote the mass production of L4 autonomous vehicles. Eventually, it will lead ICONIQ to a new level.

For ICONIQ, the purpose of all innovations is to provide a better passenger-focused experience, which aligns with the company’s core product philosophy. The intelligent electric passenger car built by ICONIQ integrates advanced technologies for comfort, entertainment, office work and autonomous driving. The new model, dubbed “Smart Passenger Vehicle (SPV),” will create a new direction for the EV market and expedite the breakthroughs and changes in the industry.

The history of the global automotive industry over the past one hundred years has been a history of innovators leading changes. The transition to EV is remodeling the auto industry now. In this booming market, ICONIQ has made a series of breakthroughs, namely strategic concept, research and development, technology and market layout. Consequently, ICONIQ is expected to become a leading brand in the era of EV 2.0.

ICONIQ plans to go public in the United States through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) in order to solidify the company’s growth, further fund the development of new products and actively respond to a new round of market competition. Bloomberg and other media reported that the company would be valued at around $4 billion after going public. As the representative of the futuristic electric vehicle brand, ICONIQ has a unique strategic vision and competitive intelligent products. With the support from many leading companies in the industry, ICONIQ will form a powerful force to lead the global electric vehicles into the age of EV 2.0, which will eventually demonstrate to the consumers what real intelligent electric passenger cars would be.

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