Life Coach Santa Monica Ray Doktor Psy. D. Enables Clients Overcome Life’s Challenges, Stay Positive, Succeed in Love, and More

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Life Coach Santa Monica Ray Doktor Psy. D. Enables Clients Overcome Life’s Challenges, Stay Positive, Succeed in Love, and More

January 05
19:24 2022
For almost three decades, Ray Doktor has offered life coaching and relationship coaching to individuals and couples who seek to overcome issues that impact relationships and develop stronger bonds with one’s inner self as well as family. He has helped many people get rid of self-defeating behaviors.

According to announcements released by Ray DoKtor Psy. D., this life coach Santa Monica has helped residents in and around the city do more with their lives and derive satisfaction from relationships through insightful and actionable coaching. 

Over 27 years, Dr. Ray has provided life coaching in Santa Monica to help people experience genuine, warm, and love-filled relationships. He teaches clients techniques to do more with their time to have free time to share with friends and family. Dr. Ray knows what it takes to establish boundaries and not try too hard to please all. He shares insights on how one can develop confidence, trust decisions made by self, be less defensive about one’s conduct, be more comfortable in one’s skin, and move beyond the negativity of the past. 

The Santa Monica life coach offers the benefits of his experience and clinical training to help clients move beyond beliefs limiting them and break free of old patterns. He knows how to tackle deeper issues that many coaches steer clear of or are simply unable to handle. He has a 90% success rate in helping clients achieve objectives in one to four sessions. He combines counseling psychology, clinical psychology, and life coaching techniques to effectively treat uncertainties, anxiety, sleepless nights, loneliness, defensiveness, etc. 

Dr. Ray offers virtual life coaching, relationship coaching, and in-person coaching in Santa Monica, CA, and Ashland, OR. The coach at this life coaching clinic stimulates a journey of self-discovery and growth; he empowers clients with tools and philosophies to manage and even avoid trying circumstances. 

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Dr. Ray Doktor of Ray Doktor Psy. D. said, “Happiness Decoded is a free short “no fat added” life coaching book to help you discover and release self-defeating behaviors and patterns in your relationships. This book is focused on truly getting you to your desired destination: greater happiness! Unlike many other “self-help” books, this book lays out a direct path towards a greater sense of personal freedom, self-empowerment, and inner joy. 

Now it’s more important than ever to learn new relationship skills to handle people, business, and relationships better in our changing, intensified world. If happiness, love, better trust, and more confidence are what you desire, this book provides you with essential wisdom and self-empowered life coach exercises to support you. Ray Doktor, Psy. D. also offers online courses and workshops in Ashland, Oregon. I also offer a free course called Rapid Relationship Rescue Masterclass.

The most significant benefit of working with a relationship coach is the constructive and compassionate feedback you receive from them. Many of us are defensive and resistant to the feedback we hear from people we know. Your friends, family, coworkers, and colleagues might hide how they truly feel about you. Or, when they express themselves, you’re not receptive.

A relationship coach could help you understand yourself better and how others perceive you. A relationship coach will give you the tools to change and shift negative patterns. Through direct and heartfelt feedback, valuable tools, and practice, your relationship coach helps your relationships become more loving and joyful.”

About the Life Coach:

Dr. Ray Doktor of Ray Doktor Psy. D. has been a successful life coach and relationship coach for close to thirty years. He has worked with more than 6k clients and helped them move ahead in life, achieve peace of mind, strengthen family ties, and more. He has a very high success rate in helping individuals that come to him with hope. 

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