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Great Baby Accessories To Buy For A New Mom – Mall Flair Shop

January 06
23:42 2022
Mall Flair Shop has put together a list of baby accessories that their customers have voted as being the best for a present to a new mom.

Mall Flair Shop, a leading online store that sells everything from gadgets, health & beauty products, home & kitchen products to spots & outdoor accessories, has announced the best baby accessories to give to a new mom.

The popular online store ( asked their customers to vote on what they thought were the best baby products to buy for a new mom or a product they would like to receive.  The customers were given a choice of ten baby accessories and were asked to choose their top three. After collating all the results, Mall Flair Shop has now revealed which three products their customers have chosen.

The three baby accessories chosen as being the best to give to a new mom are:

Waterproof Foldable Changing Mat for Newborns

This baby accessory was chosen as being the best purchase for a new mom. The Waterproof Foldable Changing Mat for Newborns which is priced at just $34.99 continues to receive positive reviews.

The foldaway changing mat can easily be carried or attached to a pram. It folds into a little bag which makes it really accessible. Thanks to the foldable changing mat, there is no need to look for public bathrooms or a park bench when looking to change a baby’s diapers. There are also pockets for diapers, which is a great idea and means less baggage.

To see more details about the best baby accessory, please visit

Starry Baby Night Light

This is a great product to buy for new moms, it is also great for helping the little ones relax and go to sleep. As experienced moms will know, getting a little one to sleep can be frustrating. It is important for a young one to feel relaxed and this is what the Starry Baby Night Light does.

It provides music, lights, and also has a voice-recording fun box. It can turn a boring room into a fun room that relaxes the little one.

Priced at only $44.99, it is a great baby accessory for new moms.

For more information, please visit

Baby Car Seat Head Support Band

This is one of the most important baby accessories parents can purchase. When a little one is in the car and asleep, their head tens to go side to side. This can cause the little one pain when they wake up. It could also result in medical attention needed. By using the Baby Car Seat Head Support Band, it allows the infant’s head to be kept in one position.

It is priced at $18.99. For more information, please visit

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