Meet The Guyanese-Canadian Entrepreneur on a Mission to Ignite The Human Spark.

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Meet The Guyanese-Canadian Entrepreneur on a Mission to Ignite The Human Spark.

January 11
03:40 2022
Helping people rise above the pressures of a world overworked and a life under lived.

Nerissa J. Persaud, a Guyanese-Canadian Entrepreneur, is the Podcast Host of Mindset Bootcamp, the Founder of the initiative Ignite The Human Spark and the Author of the upcoming book’ Rise Above Burnout.’ She’s also the High-Performance Coach behind lifestyle transformations through her signature coaching program, RISE. A program that she says, ‘bridges the gap between how we think and what we do to become the change we seek.’

Persaud, a former global recruiter and talent acquisition specialist for luxury hotels and resorts, now leads a global conversation on consuming a better life. Through her work with corporations, organizations and individuals globally, she aligns strategies that promote the whole human. Her philosophy is simple, healthy businesses and healthy economies require healthy people.

When asked why the work she’s dedicated her professional life is a growing concern for society, she noted; the evolution of her work as a Mental Health Advocate and High-Performance Coach deepened after the dire effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The abrupt halt of businesses, schools, travel, and life held up a mirror to not only an already exhausted world but–the mental health crisis. In total, poor mental health is estimated to cost the world economy approximately US$2·5 trillion per year, a cost projected to rise to US$6 trillion by 2030.

These alarming statistics make it crucial for leaders worldwide to elevate their people well-being strategies and take a holistic perspective at the whole human when addressing strategy and culture.

Through her business resources of coaching, workforce well-being planning, and community advocacy, Persaud has helped communities, individuals, and teams rise to live beyond the triggers of being burned out, anxious, and overwhelmed in an ever-changing world.

About Nerissa J. Persaud

Nerissa J. Persaud is a Guyanese-Canadian Entrepreneur and Founder of Ignite The Human Spark. She is the Podcast Host of Mindset Bootcamp, High Performance Coach behind RISE and Author of the upcoming book ‘Rise Above Burnout.’

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