Crypto Bros Are Building a Giant Elon Musk Goat Statue in Arizona

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Crypto Bros Are Building a Giant Elon Musk Goat Statue in Arizona

January 11
23:06 2022
The viral meme dream.

What from within the current cryptocurrency space will stand the test of time? Most NFT collections are graveyards of ETH. The Metaverse will play a huge role in everyone’s lives, but not in the immediate future. While all other vapourware, short lived fads, and blatant money-grabs fade into eventual oblivion, ElonGoat is constructing something that will truly last, both physically, and in the minds of the masses.

At every crucial point in human history, a magnum opus, or masterpiece, has captured the essence of that period. Think of the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Statue of David. Picasso’s Guernica. The world now stands upon the brink of the greatest transfer of wealth in its entire history. What better way to enshrine the beginning of this new blazing era, than to do so by celebrating the degenerates involved, alongside the most innova- tive man of the 21st Century, Elon Musk?

Put simply, ElonGoat, backed by the native $EGT token, is going to construct a biblical-sized monument in the name of Elon Musk and cryptocurrency degenerates around the world. This will be done with the help of some world-renowned designers and the statue will be huge, transportable, and boast pyrotechnics and lasers, making this first of its kind statue one of the most viral-ready projects in the entire cryptocurrency space. Although the statue primarily features Elon, Godfather of the Meme and Cryptocurrency, this creation is an ode and reminder to every single one of us that WAGMI. This will be a testament to all those people who stood on the brink of the great- est wealth shift in the history of man, and accomplished it with memes. We hope you join us on this mission to Mars.

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