StiCool produces unique and aesthetic temporary and semi-permanent tattoos for customers interested in body art

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StiCool produces unique and aesthetic temporary and semi-permanent tattoos for customers interested in body art

January 12
00:22 2022

StiCool tattoos empower customers to set their creativity free. StiCool’s revolutionary temporary and semi-permanent tattoo systems allow customers to try out tattoo designs in a fun and safe way before committing.

The StiCool team strives to produce creative and one-of-a-kind body art. Temporary and semi-permanent tattoos rise in popularity around holidays like New Years Eve and Valentine’s day but remain relevant year-round as a way for clients to express themselves and their emotional journeys.

Temporary and semi-permanent tattoos have so many different applications. They allow people who are unable to get tattoos (whether for religious or medical reasons) to experience self-expression through body art, and they can be used as a way to test out a design before committing to a traditional tattoo. Clients discover new ways to use StiCool’s semi-permanent and temporary tattoos every day.

StiCool offers two types of tattoo applications: semi-permanent and temporary. Both are safe for the skin, waterproof, and highly realistic. Their differences lie in how long they last, how they’re applied, and how they are removed.

Temporary tattoo stickers are the classic form that many will be familiar with. Their colors and patterns will naturally disappear after a few days or weeks and can be removed with alcohol or lukewarm water. Temporary tattoos can be used much in the same way as makeup to add some flair to a customers look for a special event, party or concert. 

Semi-permanent tattoos are much longer-lasting and more durable than temporary tattoo stickers. Organic, made of plant-based ingredients, semi-permanent tattoos are totally skinsafe. StiCool’s semi-permanent tattoos are primarily composed of gardenia extracts that stain the skin. As time passes, the gardenia becomes inactive and dissolves, and the tattoo gradually fades. Generally speaking, a semi-permanent tattoo can last for 1-2 weeks. 

A product as personal as body art deserves the option for full customization. StiCool clients are creative, unique individuals interested in self-expression. Customization options are now available: 

Totally personalized: Everything from the design to the size is up to the customer.

Artist’s muse: The customer describes their idea to in-house designers who execute their vision. Longer turnover than ‘Totally personalized’, but more than worth it if you lack the artistic touch, but still have the vision!

Custom designs takes up to 5 business days to print & pack before shipping out. 

Case-by-case price set. Customized tattoos also can be ordered in bulk for weddings, parties, clubs, carnivals, fund-raising, etc.

Artist’s muse customers have premade options like flowers, animals, anime characters, totems, geometric patterns, and many other elements to customize and make their own.

About StiCool:

StiCool was founded by three college graduates from California with a variety of creative degrees. Their varied portfolio of designs is just as unique as creative as each team member. With their finger constantly on the pulse of the most trending designs across the U.S, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, customers are bound to find something that resonates with their soul. 

Ultimately, at StiCool, they make it easy and refreshing to add some color and creativity to their client’s life in the form of stylish decals. They’re ready to drop their order at the doorstep – all they’re waiting for is your orders. 

StiCool offers quality service and endless possibilities. If Tattoo enthusiasts are ready to inspire future generations with StiCool, click here or Instagram and order in quantity and multiple their joy!

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