The Adam Tracy Scholarship for Blockchain Innovators: Fostering Great Minds and Innovators of the Future

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The Adam Tracy Scholarship for Blockchain Innovators: Fostering Great Minds and Innovators of the Future

January 14
22:50 2022
The Adam Tracy Scholarship for Blockchain Innovators: Fostering Great Minds and Innovators of the Future

Adam Tracy

Among the many paths one can take in their life, working in emerging technologies is possibly one of the riskiest yet most rewarding paths one can aim for.  One such example is being a blockchain entrepreneur where you can take advantage of the rising traction that cryptocurrency has been gaining over the years.

For the unfamiliar, blockchain is a system of recording that is shared between computers. The recordings are stored in digital format and in such a way where modifying or hacking is extremely difficult if not impossible. This system plays an essential role for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to maintain security and records between transactions. 

Becoming a blockchain innovator isn’t an easy path, nor is it cheap. With the rising costs of education in the U.S system, the price of attending a high-quality university steadily increases each year. Attending school, let alone a prestigious university with no clear source of income is extremely challenging and is a burden for students instead of a privilege one can enjoy.

If we’ve caught your interest with becoming a blockchain innovator or if you already have an interest or knowledge in the field, Adam Tracy, a seasoned advisor and entrepreneur with many years of experience with blockchain technology, has you covered with the scholarship he is offering.

The Adam Tracy Blockchain Scholarship aims to foster greater understanding through advanced education for the next generation of blockchain innovators. Through his scholarship, he seeks to identify promising candidates and award three scholarships with the amount of $1,000. Each scholarship amount is awarded to each blockchain-related discipline which is as follows: cryptography, entrepreneurship and development.

The requirements needed to be one of the potential candidates for it are really simple. Firstly, you have to be a college student or a high school senior who has been enrolled or accepted into a four-year program at a U.S accredited university. Furthermore, as this scholarship is aimed towards fostering the future generation of blockchain innovators, you must show interest in the field by demonstrating your knowledge of blockchain, entrepreneurship or science and STEM.

To demonstrate this, a 1,000 word written essay about tackling blockchain technology and its impact in the future will become part of the requirements for the scholarship. Additionally, the scholarship is open to everyone as they only have to be U.S residents, U.S citizens or international students to become eligible to apply as long as they fulfilled all the previous requirements.  To find all of the information regarding the scholarship, visit the official Adam Tracy Scholarship website.

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