JASMINER: Leading the market with independent R&D

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JASMINER: Leading the market with independent R&D

April 26
16:19 2022

In recent years, with the continuous update and iteration of technologies in the encryption field, the hash rate server market has put forward higher requirements for manufacturers in terms of research and development, supply chain, yield, stability, etc., which will promote the transformation of the hash rate server industry. In fact, as a technology-intensive and rapidly changing industry, the encryption hash rate server industry has always been very competitive. The companies that survived after the big waves are undoubtedly the leaders in the industry, and JASMINER is one of them.

According to public information, JASMINER is a global enterprise specializing in the development of high-throughput hash rate technology and product development, manufacturing and sales. Products include JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server, JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U/1U-C server and JASMINER X4 High throughput Quiet server and other high-throughput hash rate terminal applications. JASMINER is well aware of the rapid pace of technological upgrading in the industry, so it has been insisting on independent research and development since its establishment. After large-scale research and exploration and global practice accumulation, a platform-based and modular hash rare product research and development system has been formed, which has greatly improved the market competitiveness in the encryption field.

In June 2021, JASMINER released the world’s first high-throughput computing chip with integrated storage and computing, the X4. Its performance is comparable to high-end graphics cards, but the power consumption is only 23W. The 40nm logic process achieves the performance of 7nm high-end GPUs. At the same time, with the release of the JASMINER X4 chip, the JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server was launched, which took several years of research and development to create a lightweight and energy-saving mining rig tailored for families around the world. In the same year, JASMINER broke through the technical barrier and innovatively launched JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server and JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U-C server, two classic mining rigs in the field of Ethereum blockchain, which have really captured a large number of crypto users pursuing “high hash rate and low power consumption” by improving hash rate performance and reducing energy emission! In April 2022, JASMINER has fully accelerated its research and development, and launched a new high-throughput quiet server X4-Q. The X4-Q does not generate a lot of noise while ensuring heat dissipation.The noise below 40dB is equivalent to a host, and with its low power consumption, JASMINER X4-Q can be used at home.

R&D and innovation are the inexhaustible driving force for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. JASMINER is seizing this major strategic opportunity period, continuously improving the R&D system and building a talent team, strengthening the talent reserve and echelon construction, and striving to build a talent highland in the field of high-throughput hash rate in the world. While continuing to lead the high-throughput computing server market, it hopes to further seize market share during the period of industry transformation and upgrading.

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