Metzfab Industries Stainless Steel Work Can Be Seen Around The Valley

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Metzfab Industries Stainless Steel Work Can Be Seen Around The Valley

April 27
16:01 2022
Metzfab Industries Stainless Steel Work Can Be Seen Around The Valley

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Metzfab Industries is committed to manufacturing its products in the United States. As a leader in high-quality metal fabrication, including CNC-automated machining, the company has a lot of clients. The company was established by an ambitious young man who had years of experience in metal fabrication and building numerous custom projects.

Metzfab serves the needs of clients in the Phoenix area and located throughout the country. There are countless applications for metal within the following industries.

  • Aerospace

  • Architectural

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Military

If a business requires anything built using metals like stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, granite, or other materials, Metzfab can handle the task quickly and efficiently. Using state-of-the-art technology, the team at Metzfab can manufacture, cut, and manipulate projects with precision. 

The Capabilities and Usefulness of Metal for Industries

Stainless steel is flexible, durable, and is an excellent material for kitchen equipment, medical implements, automotive parts, and more. The team at Metzfab is skilled in all facets of metal fabrication and looks forward to leading clients through the process needed to complete their projects.

  • CNC Saw Cutting

  • Laser Cutting

  • Tube Laser Cutting

  • Precision TIG, MIG, Arc Welding, and Fixturing

  • Precision Sheet Metal Work

  • Product Manufacturing and Assembly

Clients can take advantage of the following services offered by Metzfab. Request a quote and have a consultation to learn more.

Advantages of Metal Fabrication and Related Services

Metzfab offers waterjet cutting, 3D CAM/CAD design and assembly, and general metal fabrication. Besides using top-grade steel, stainless steel is a popular metal choice for projects with many clients. Businesses around Arizona used stainless steel fabrication for projects that Metzfab constructed and installed.

Real estate companies, utility companies, restaurants, and automotive industry leaders have contracted Metzfab for projects. The company built the grand stainless steel sliding doors at the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale. Also, most of the stainless steel pieces seen in multiple Even Stevens sandwich shops were thanks to contacting Metzfab.

Supporting American Made and Homegrown Business

Navigating expensive tariffs and sourcing quality metal for product design, manufacturing, and fabrication is not an issue for Metzfab. The company prides itself on bringing contracted projects back to America and using American-made metal.

Stainless steel is reliable for building custom car and machine parts, doors, commercial equipment, and architectural pieces. Compared to other materials, steel is valued for being strong, resistant to corrosion, and having aesthetic qualities. 

Metzfab is happy to guide clients through the process of designing tangible products before producing and assembling them. Stainless steel is a solid choice for fabrication as it can be bent, machined, folded, welded, and cut. Steel is a desirable material to create many products because of its malleability, heat resistance, and durability.

About Metzfab Industries

Metzfab Industries was started by Brandon Metzger, an experienced welder with a background in designing and building products from the ground up. Today, the contract manufacturer provides custom machining and metal fabrication services for Phoenix, AZ, and throughout the US. Clients can expect professionalism and high-quality materials for projects executed with precision.

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