Market leader Keilini unveils the sole solution to get rid of mosquito, pesky bug problems

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Market leader Keilini unveils the sole solution to get rid of mosquito, pesky bug problems

April 27
17:55 2022
With impressive UV flash beam technology, the Keilini portable bug zapper is a market game-changer that works perfectly for mosquitoes and pesky bugs.


Industry leader Keilini has unveiled a market-leading bug repellent for 2022, a 100% safe and solar-powered bug repellent lamp that is a top pick among households looking to get rid of bug problems.

“Just because people spend quality time outdoors doesn’t mean they have to tolerate those pesky bugs and mosquitoes. That’s where Keilini comes into the picture,” a representative said in a statement.

The product, which is 100% effective against all pests and bugs, is 100% safe, which means there are no chemicals and no UV light, making it safe to use even around kids and pets. The Keilini portable bug zapper has a 1000V high voltage zap with an effective bug-killing range of 375 sq. feet.

In addition, the Keilini bug repellent is also lightweight and portable, so users can carry it with them wherever they go. The item also works as a 3-in-1 product: it works as a bug zapper, walking flashlight, and all-weather camping light. The shock-resistant 7mm micro plastic bars that surround the Keilini zapper core ensure it is completely safe and 100% accident-free. 

“As a market game-changer, Keilini can sustain extreme weather conditions from rain, snow, and intense heat. Regardless of the temperature, no bug will go unnoticed and uncaptured,” the representative said. 

The ultra-bright LED light allows users to adjust the brightness from a dim setting to a sun-filled illumination. They can turn any dark room into a radiant one, all from the 7 oz. device.


“With Keilini, it’s like consumers have their very own personal insect exterminator. With a simple plug-in to power on, the solar-powered light attracts the mosquitoes and flies to the top of the device,” the representative explains.

In a review, Jason, from Nevada, says every time Keilini kills a bug, he hears a loud snapping sound.

“It’s awesome. Just plug it in and go! I always say my Keilini is the best purchase I’ve ever made,” he wrote in a review.

On the other hand, Carl Keeton, from Colorado, described Keilini as the “most convenient way” to get rid of pesky bugs during outdoor trips.

“Grilling and barbecues are a staple tradition for my family and me. The flies and itchy mosquitoes always invited themselves to the party. The Keilini has become the most convenient way to get rid of these bugs from flying around our food and drinks. We can now hang out all day without having to worry about them anymore. It’s been a huge relief,” writes Carl.

Included with every purchase is a micro USB charger that enables you to charge it any and everywhere you go. One charge lasts enough for up to 24 hours, so households can spend an entire day clear of mosquitos and waspy gnats.

Those who want to purchase the bug repellant lamp may avail of a special introductory 50% off discount when they order right away. Others who wish to learn more about Keilini may visit its website and other social channels for more information.

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