JASMINER: Several ways to get ETC instantly

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JASMINER: Several ways to get ETC instantly

April 27
21:02 2022

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular cryptocurrencies right now, but there are many other cryptocurrencies with high investment value, Ethereum Classic (ETC) being one of them.

Ethereum Classic was a hard fork from Ethereum. In 2016, Ethereum suffered a DAO attack in which a large amount of funds were stolen and a hard fork was formed to return the stolen funds, leading to the birth of Ethereum Classic.

Investing in Ethereum Classic is one of the best decisions most cryptocurrency enthusiasts can make in 2022, as the cryptocurrency’s price is expected to keep rising in the year ahead. Investors only need to create an account for investing or trading with Ethereum Classic, and once the account is created, they can start investing in Ethereum Classic.

But is there any way to get Ethereum Classic instantly? Here are some options for getting Ethereum Classic:

Purchase with a bank account. One of the easiest ways to buy Ethereum Classic is through a bank account. Investors can buy Ethereum Classic directly, or they can choose to buy any stablecoin and then exchange the stablecoin to get Ethereum Classic, it all depends on the platform chosen.

Buy with Bitcoin. Almost all cryptocurrency exchanges accept Bitcoin. So, if an investor already owns bitcoin or finds a platform that only accepts Bitcoin, then buy Bitcoin first, then buy Ethereum classic with bitcoin.

Buy with trading. Trading is another way to buy Ethereum Classic. If the investor already has any other cryptocurrencies in their wallet, simply exchange those coins to buy Ethereum Classic, there is no limit to the tokens used when buying Ethereum Classic.

Obtain through mining. Compared with the previous three methods mainly through “purchase”, mining can be said to be a channel for obtaining cryptocurrency with lower risk, lower input cost and higher income. Because buying cryptocurrencies faces huge market volatility, investors can go bankrupt with the slightest carelessness. Mining is the indirect acquisition of cryptocurrencies by investing in mining rigs. Miners can keep hoarding the mined coins through down-to-earth mining, and then choose to sell them when the price is high. Moreover, the mining difficulty of ETC is also very low compared to other currencies. In addition, the market value of ETC is constantly rising and ETH miners are constantly pouring in. It can be said that now is the best time to mine ETC.

At present, there are very few mining rigs on the global market that have both high hash rate and low power consumption. After searching and comparing, the author found that the ASIC mining rig JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server dedicated to ETC uses a high-throughput computing chip with integrated storage and computing, compared with similar products, the chip has higher integration, lower power consumption and better heat dissipation. The hash rate of the JASMINER X4 1U is 520MH/S±10%, which can ensure the stability of the hash rate  while achieving the ultimate reduction in power consumption, and the power consumption is only 240W±10%. It avoids the problems of high power consumption and loss of hash rate from the root in the design process, and has made unique formula adjustments in terms of mining rig structure design, chip design consistency, circuit design consistency and process manufacturing consistency. The advantages of low power consumption, small size, and high hash rate make it suitable for IDC computer rooms, homes and other scenarios. It is deeply loved by miners around the world and has become the new mainstream of PoW mining.

These are just a few of the common ways to get Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic is a very good investment, even if it’s not one of those very popular cryptocurrencies. However, to obtain ETC through mining, such as the use of high-end mining rigs such as the JASMINER X4 1U Server, investors will receive far more income than expected. What investors still need to do is to find a suitable cryptocurrency trading platform. Now there are many popular exchanges, such as Binance, Bitfinex, CoinBase and other large platforms that support Ethereum Classic trading. It can be said that the prospect of ETC is still very broad.

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