Use JASMINER X4 mining ETC more efficient & quiet

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Use JASMINER X4 mining ETC more efficient & quiet

April 27
21:08 2022

Ethereum Classic is the original chain of Ethereum. As an open source, public, distributed platform based on blockchain technology, it also issues an independent cryptocurrency – ETC. ETC employs smart contract capabilities, allowing anyone to develop and deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications in the platform, aiming to advance the impact of digital value.

Some people believe that ETC is an orthodox, pure-blooded main chain, while ETH is a forked currency or side chain. Thanks to the blessing of the founder Vitalik Buterin, it can still stand still after a loophole, and has won the support of many users. To be precise, ETC is more like a DAO, which is the current outlet, and there are many community believers.

With the continuous advancement of Ethereum 2.0, miners will gradually transfer hash rate in the future. When PoW is upgraded to PoS, miners will not be able to continue mining in Ethereum 2.0, and most of the mining rigs cannot disappear, so they can only transfer their rigs to mine ETC.

As we all know, miners are an indispensable existence in the encryption industry, and the voice of miners is very important, especially the relatively high degree of decentralization of Bitcoin. Because of the existence of V-God in Ethereum, miners have the second right to speak, but miners cannot be so obedient and have to find other ways out.

In the future, the best place to transfer hash rate to replace Ethereum is Ethereum Classic, which has been proved by facts. Recently, with the launch of 2.0, the hash rate of ETC has soared. In the future, if miners do not want to sell rigs at low prices, the way out is ETC, which requires the price of ETC to allow miners to survive.

The hash rate of ETC has recently increased by more than 20%, and with it, the price has skyrocketed. The price of ETC has been increasing since March 19. With these consistently bullish and impressive earnings performances leading the cryptocurrency rally, Ethereum Classic has been one of the top performers in the cryptocurrency space over the past month.

This also makes the miner an invisible rich man. They made the income more stable and skyrocketed by down-to-earth mining, so it is still easy for miners to drive the price of ETC. And with the production cut, we all know that Bitcoin is halved every 4 years, and each time it will drive the entire bull market. Therefore, the promotion of the production reduction on the price is obvious. After the ETC production reduction this time, the production reduced from 3.2 ETC per block to 2.56 ETC, which will lead to a reduction in the ETC rewarded by miners. That part, like Bitcoin, will be reflected in the price, and the price will make up for this part.

Taking into account the current market hotspots, coupled with the advancement of ETH2.0, the ETC itself is driven by the reduction in production, and now ETC has become the darling of capital and miners, and is being hyped by the market! If miners decide to invest in Ethereum Classic, it is important to acquire a high-performance mining rig. In April this year, JASMINER, an innovative brand of mining rigs in the Ethereum field, released a new quiet mining rig-JASMINER X4 High-throughput Quiet server (X4-Q). This super-smooth ASIC rig is very efficient in terms of performance. It is equipped with 16 high-throughput computing chips with integrated storage and computing, which is very suitable for mining ETC and minimizes energy costs. The hash rate of JASMINER X4-Q is 1040MH/S±10%, the power consumption is only 480W±10%, and the noise level of quiet mining in the bedroom is less than 40 decibels. With this ASIC rig made for ETC, it is easy to optimize the energy consumption during the mining process and help the miners to achieve the best in their mining work.

As the first brand to launch a high-throughput hash rate server, since the release of JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server and JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server in 2021, the shipments of JASMINER’s X4 series of high-throughput hash rate server products have doubled year after year. Behind the global leadership in the field of high-throughput mining rigs is JASMINER’s continuous research and development and innovation in high-throughput technology.

In the process of the strategic goal of “high throughput computing product leader”, JASMINER will not only be the first in market share, but also put users first and continue to be the brand of choice for people’s new lifestyle of mining.

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