GAST CLEARWATER – Next Generation Water Purification

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GAST CLEARWATER – Next Generation Water Purification

April 29
16:57 2022
Water Treatment Works & Sewerage Works gets a boost with new technology.

GAST Clearwater has developed a disruptive technology and methodology to replace the Secondary Treatment & Dissinfenction stages of Wastewater & Sewerage Treatment facilities without using chemicals or biological elements.

The technology has been dubbed the “Tesla” of Water Treatment, earmarked to disrupt the water treatment industry just as electric vehicles have for the motor industry. Ironically, Tesla did not develop a new battery for its cars but merely improved its battery systems’ efficiency and effectiveness, namely lithium iron phosphate (LFP). GAST Clearwater holds a similar story with its technology developing two (2) new systems colloquially referred to as:

The Black Box (WMM – Withdrawal of Microorganism & Minerals Machine)

The Blue Box (CWD – Clearwater Device)

In effect, the ever-alluding nut has been cracked to find a way to “wash” water without the use of chemicals & biological treatments. The technology is obviously not a new way of building a “car” in this analogy a car is a water treatment solution, but the technology allows GAST Clearwater to provide cleaner water more sustainably and more cost-efficiently.

The technology in its current form is slated to revolutionize wastewater treatment, sewerage treatment, commercial water treatment solutions, cooling towers, ship ballast water management, carbonated and non-carbonated drink manufacturers, and many more industries globally.

This technology not only has the ability to develop new wastewater treatment & sewerage treatment facilities but is also offered as a “bolt-on” system to existing facilities or even facilities that want to save costs by eliminating their chemical & biological cost components, irrespective of their size.

GAST Clearwater predicts the majority of wastewater treatment & sewerage facilities can look to save close to 20% of their annual OPEX by switching to a GAST Clearwater system, more so a GAST Clearwater system on average costs 25% less to build vs. a current standard conventional facility which is a considerable saving on CAPEX.

In 2019, the United States alone had an estimated $81 billion capital investment gap for ailing or failing water treatment facilities; as such the GAST Clearwater technology could not have come at a better time.

GAST Clearwater is focusing on two distinct markets over the course of the next 12-24 months which can be broken down into two categories namely:

Real Estate – (Artificial Beaches, Lagoons, Surf Parks, Surf Lakes, Surf Lagoons)

Municipal & Infrastructure – (Waste Water Treatment Works, Sewerage Treatment Works)

In closing, water is becoming the most sought-after commodity on the planet and based on current projections, sometime in the near future, water will hold more value than gold itself. With new technologies like GAST Clearwater, it is now slowly becoming possible to be entirely “off-grid” not only with solar but now with water as well. As the world’s current ailing infrastructure cannot meet the demand, new sustainable and cost-effective technologies would need to be heavily invested in to help secure the future of mankind and GAST Clearwater seems to be leading the charge and carrying the torch with its new technology.

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