The First PR Software in China

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The First PR Software in China

April 29
20:41 2022
The First PR Software in China
Blue Gorilla PR is positioned as the next generation of digital PR artificial intelligence middle platform operating system of enterprises, and is committed to becoming an intelligent service platform for corporate PR infrastructure.

The first PR SaaS digital middle platform product “Blue Gorilla PR” incubated by Cultural Investment Banyan Tree Co., Ltd announced that it has raised millions RMB in angel round recently. This new capital will be used to develop PR digital middle platform product and promote marketing.

Blue Gorilla PR is positioned as the next generation of digital PR artificial intelligence middle platform operating system for enterprises, and is committed to becoming an intelligent service platform for enterprise PR infrastructure. Its parent company is Beijing Forest Whale Seeking Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Wei Yansen, the founder of Blue Gorilla PR, told Enterprises Card that the efficiency loss and opportunity liquidity loss caused by data loss in traditional PR working mode have been neglected by enterprises, and the future of enterprise public relations relies on data rather than intuition, and public relations is entering digital could era. 

And in the future, artificial intelligence and machine learning will reinvent PR industry. Blue Gorilla can transform the PR department of enterprises from the cost department to the value-added department driven by both manual labor and program, which makes the PR process manageable and the results quantifiable, and let more growth-type enterprises enter a new era of dual-drive digital PR with sales growth and brand reputation enhancement.

The enterprise-version PR SaaS suite launched by Blue Gorilla takes the big data AI capability model for PR talents as its core and covers full-scenario SaaS suite solution of PR positions. It sets up media PRM for media, internal and external writing middle platform for copywriting, and develops and matches think-tank middle platform of enterprise confidential reference items for in-depth media relationship management. The chief public-relation officer has internal team collaboration and management tool and internal supplier collaboration tool and the whole team has performance proof system. Crisis public relations and public opinion monitoring have corresponding modules that are directly empowered in the system.

In the future, the person in charge of enterprise public relations can see the budget of the public relations department and the details of external collaboration expenses, and can do a good job in expense control for detail compliance. The public relations department then is promoted to an important strategic core department in a company, can transform information into insight, and make PR more respectable.

The original intention of Blue Gorilla PR is to solve the problem of digitization of PR talents to prove their abilities within the enterprise in the first place, and the PR talents then have performance, escape the rat race and get respected by virtue of the deposition of PR resources and the deposition of PR process and methodology.

Helping the PR talents achieve recognition and success within the enterprise is the underlying driving essence of Blue Gorilla PR SaaS.

The most correct solution in the field of PR SaaS is to change the meaning of PR personnel’s existence in the enterprise, make the product simple and easy to use, lower the barriers for the PR personnel to intuitively display individual work achievements, and then empower them with external PR efficiency and collaborative and transparent work scenarios. The goal of Blue Gorilla PR is to achieve the double success of scientific construction and digital management of enterprise PR department by means of dual-drive of front-line user perspective and management perspective.

The public relations of enterprises is actually a top leadership project. Public relations is a kind of industry, but also a kind of thinking. How effective is PR and the degree of the PR results essentially reflects the double indirect and real feedback of an entrepreneur’s thinking results on the business results and the business pattern. Good public relations must be a booster for enterprise business, which can expand the enterprise influences on public opinions and strengthen its positive image. The ultimate purpose of everything public relations does is to create a positive public brand image of the enterprise, thereby stimulating the company’s business growth and promoting company’s sales.

At present, the overall Chinese enterprise public relations is in four stages with very uneven distribution: large enterprises incline to reformation and go towards strategic public relations; the cognition and practice of developmental enterprises remain in proactive public relations and interactive public relations; and the cognition of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises is stuck in the stage of false public relations and the concept of one-way communication.

According to the team of Blue Gorilla PR, the current situation of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises is that most companies do not have a clear understanding of the role of public relations, and small and medium-sized enterprises have been carrying out wrong and narrow corporate public relations operations from the perspective of advertising marketing in advertising specialty or public relations news in journalism. Due to unquantifiable characteristics and some misunderstandings and prejudices, the services of the public relations industry cannot meet the preference of enterprises for short-term returns, so the cities of the public relations industry demand for great central tendency.

Most PR companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou and their clients are located in developed first- and second-tier cities.

However, as PR can be quantified by ROI, the effect of PR communication enterprises will be accepted by small and medium-sized enterprises. The current situation of enterprise PR needs to be changed into on-demand, transparent, affordable and effective. To let more enterprises try public relations, the barriers for use of public relations must be lowered, so that enterprises become aware of the benefits of PR. Blue Gorilla team has always believed that a good PR product must be easy to use, and would be popularized by lowering the barriers.

Technically speaking, Blue Gorilla uses SaaS to improve public relations efficiency, lower the barriers, and be easy to use. However, essentially speaking, Blue Gorilla starts from the end of the public relations service industry (trend: Party A’s internal empowerment of public relations, Party B’s public relations industry chain empowerment) to serve enterprise customers, and to do the digital infrastructure construction and trading platform construction of the entire public relations industry.

Enterprise digital public relations is a market of hundreds of billions, and the annual digital public relations market of 17% will accelerate its expansion into lower-tier markets. Blue Gorilla hopes that the industry chain service reconstruction can be done by changing the backward service mode of low delivery, low renewal and manpower service of traditional public relations through the “AI PR SaaS Suite Solution + Cloud PR Open Platform” into a new mode of detail delivery, high renewal and systematic efficiency improvement.

The cloud open platform of Blue Gorilla PR is mainly to digitize the traditional public relations delivery of Party B, and to complete a new generation of public relations delivery system with high contract performance, high detail and high quality better from the standpoint of Party A. Wei said that,  at present, numerous smaller PR studios are still in the workshop system, while traditional small and medium-sized PR companies are in the state of low renewal rate, rough delivery and no expertise. They need tools to empower themselves and deliver higher quality services to customers, so they will be more and more competitive.

Wei said that if the future digital public relations want to move to the incremental small and medium-sized enterprise market, the biggest problem is that the inadaptation of the expansion into lower-tier cities of the PR talents and cognitive gap for PR consensus among urban enterprises which are concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Outstanding PR produces great value, but mediocre PR causes great losses. A large number of practitioners who have not established scientific public relations must master the professional knowledge and skills of modern public relations, and be the professionals who are good planners, understand brand value and are good at communication and public relations management. Marketing department and sales department shall be empowered and supported simultaneously in order to make PR department escape the rat race and get rid of being marginalized within an enterprise.

For a new-brand enterprise that is rapidly emerging, the CEO must establish an effective public relations system, systematic public relations methods, establish own public relations discourse system, and have self-contained media strategy. The new-brand enterprise shall be equipped with integrated communication resources, dedicated content management, and media-type digital PR talents with comprehensive personal ability.

Blue Gorilla PR recently launched a growing community for PR newcomers with work experience of 0 to 6 years for C-end users, which is suitable for CEOs and aspirant PR talents of enterprises who think PR as the leading project. The growing community contains 9 modules, including the AI learning promotion of the scientific capability model and the community experience sharing among PR talents and comprehensive book sharing, etc. In the future, the growing community will marketize internship training of more college PR talents, train more aspirant PR talents to become independent digital PR talents with core competitiveness, and hope to build a decentralized PR talent training community with collective governance and benefits.

Wei, the founder of Blue Gorilla PR, believes that what a large number of Chinese prospective small and medium-sized enterprises need is not a PR digital solution, but a company’s services or products that can completely solve all the problems with their marketing, communication, and brand. They prefer to get intuitive or predictable returns from one-time investment, and also to obtain such a system at a low cost. In recent years, the fields of public relations, advertising, and marketing have been gradually converging. From the perspective of hierarchical division, the future PR SaaS will become a comprehensive SaaS for all-medium communication, which may help a small enterprise solve all problems within one hierarchy. Through AI learning, it is possible to build a “smart public relations infrastructure operating system for enterprise requiring customized services” in vertical industries.

What Blue Gorilla PR is doing now is scientification and coordination of enterprise brand PR market of potential 200 thousands of medium-large enterprises and growth-period enterprises. What’s going to happen in the future is integrated digitalization, trading platformization, digitization of effect and infrastructurization for incremental marketing PR market of the potential 38 million small and medium enterprises.

Yang Gaofeng, CEO of Culture Investment Banyan Tree Co. LTD, said that Blue Gorilla PR, as the first batch of hit product incubated and jointly developed by our company, will become an important part for closed-loop capability of the whole chain of cultural IP private domain service. Owned by Shaanxi Culture Investment Group, as a researcher committed to cultural IP innovation form , the implementer of cultural IP cultivation plan and the pioneer of new cultural consumption brand , Culture Investment Banyan Tree Co. LTD will look forward to and help Blue Gorilla PR SaaS to rapidly evolve into a secret sauce for excellent enterprises to carry out efficient brand management and IP operation services, and provide enterprises with a digital PR systematized solution which incorporates unique methodology, expert knowledge base and high-performance tools.

Industry angel investor Wang Qiong said that Blue Gorilla PR project has a clear business orientation and sector logic, the founding team has a deep insight into the potential changes in the industry. Wang is optimistic about the market potential of the Blue Gorilla team and PR SaaS AI middle platform solutions.

Blue Gorilla team has recently prepared a digital public relations AI laboratory to explore the possibility of comprehensive cloudification of the whole process of enterprise PR, and is committed to improving the digital, intelligent and refined management level of enterprise PR in vertical industries. The public relations AI laboratory wants to be a PR data scientific and technologic company that can empower enterprises in the era of Big Data and AI intelligence.

Wei Yansen said that the overseas PR industry has been trying software-oriented PR technology and has many subdivided solution providers. Technical service providers in the field of overseas PR already have a certain ecology. For example, Propel who serves Google has raised 6 million dollars in history; Notified is used by more than 10,000 PR professionals; Wizikey has more than 500 enterprise customers including eBay, OYO, etc.; and Launchmetrics, the branded performance cloud, is currently valued at 4 billion dollars.

Overall industry forecast for 2022 by Blue Gorilla PR: Digital transformation of public relations has officially arrived.

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