Parallel, about to open a new parallel world

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Parallel, about to open a new parallel world

April 29
20:58 2022

With the outbreak of the third industrial revolution, mankind has entered the era of science and technology. Some emerging science and technology and industrial revolutions have become forces to change the world. With the rapid development of blockchain, more and more people pay attention to it – NFT. NFT has the characteristics of traceable and authentic, tamper proof, indivisible, irreplaceable and unique. In order to fully release the value of cooperation between NFT and diversified industries, Parallel will promote the implementation of technological innovation and commercial applications in the field of NFT, so that more outside users, funds and traffic will pay attention to this field, enable the market of NFT to rapidly blowout and become popular, lead the next wave of the blockchain and create a new wealth myth.

Parallel is a decentralized Multi Chain and cross chain NFT exchange, creative center, social media platform, NFT-IDO platform and pledge App. Parallel platform can be used on each popular native chain. It has all the functions of the entire NFT market in a single application, allowing anyone to seamlessly create, purchase, sell, exchange and utilize NFT in different blockchains. With Parallel, anyone can access their entire NFT, releasing the total value of the NFT market.

Parallel supports ERC20, 721 and 1155 asset agreements and uses Ethereum Layer2 asset circulation module to meet users’ demands related to NFT circulation such as purchase, sale and auction, greatly improve the transaction scale, realize low-cost transactions, avoid network congestion and high transaction costs, and build an infrastructure for carrying NFT large-scale transactions in the future.

In terms of playing methods, Parallel platform launched NFT games such as blind box, flop and gift pool to cultivate user habits and popularize the concept of NFT through rich and interesting playing methods. Let more users hold NFT assets for free through lottery, and then open the first NFT transaction in their life in the platform, accumulate users and expand liquidity. In terms of business ecology, Parallel platform has the characteristics of high transparency, security, decentralization and uniqueness, which can prevent the abuse or tampering of records, and can effectively and safely combine with identity authentication, music, finance and insurance, intellectual property, ticketing and other related fields.

NFT market is still in its infancy, and more suitable applications are needed to improve penetration in the future. The authenticity, ownership and transferability of NFT jointly create its value. Parallel trading platform will firmly activate the NFT value concept, promote the integration of Metaverse and reality, and build the Metaverse alliance ecology of fairness, justice, openness, co-creation, sharing and win-win.

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