Founder Of Couch Tutors Talks About Educating The World

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Founder Of Couch Tutors Talks About Educating The World

April 29
22:17 2022

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes education as a legal right of every child. However, sadly education in many countries still to this day remains a privilege. According to UNESCO, a recent report they published showed that 258 million children and youth were out of school for the school year ending in 2018.

Education is one of the most important tools a person could have. It helps to enhance people’s lives and eradicate poverty and hunger. It gives people to achieve more out of their lives and provide a better future for their children. That is why it is important that everyone takes education seriously. And for those people who have left school, furthering their education is just as important.

One person who believes that education is an important tool is Maher Dabbouseh, the Founder of Couch Tutors.

Couch Tutors Global, an edutech start-up company, will officially launch in the fall of 2022. The company will deliver education solutions to students around the world, enabling individuals to gain much-needed schooling to achieve their academic and career goals.

We decided to sit down with Maher Dabbouseh to learn more about Couch Tutors Global, this is what he had to say.

Please tell me about your background.

For the past 22 years, I have been working in enrolment management roles in the United States and Middle East. I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to university admissions since the age of 19 and have been helping students across the globe find programs and universities that fit their needs.

Couch Tutors is being launched this year, can you explain what is Couch Tutors and why it has been founded?

At Couch Tutors we are planning on providing supplemental learning to students across the globe, including underserved populations. Tutoring students is only a small component of our product portfolio. We pan on offering a variety of solutions for students of all ages, including working adults. In addition to tutoring, we will be offering university admissions placement services for students across the world.

As the world was introduced to online learning, I couldn’t stop thinking of the students that did not have access to quality education. I started to do further research and came across some alarming data. According to UNICEF, over 617 billion students lack reading and math proficiency. Couch Tutors was born in June 2020 to help provide supplemental education to all students, including those in underserved populations. In fact, we plan on dedicating 1% of all revenue to serve students in areas pf poverty. We hope to increase the amount given back to students in need as our business grows.

Maher Dabbouseh, what is your background and why is education so important to you?

As a student in high school, I struggled in my freshman year. I was still traumatized from my parents’ divorce and the lifestyle changes associated with it. I learned quickly that the silver spoon that I grew up enjoying, no longer existed. I remember my mother would continuously remind my siblings and I that education would be the only solution to having a better lifestyle. I managed to work 2 part-time jobs and graduate high school with a good GPA.

Freshman year of college I took a position as a tele-counsellor at Robert Morris University (Chicago, IL). Within 1 year, I was supervising a call centre of the college and later became a trainer for the university.  Fast forward 22 years later, I continued to stay in the field of university admissions and have helped universities in the United States and Middle East grow. Education defiantly changed my life in many ways. A major driving force behind launching Couch Tutors is to try to help as many students as possible, especially those in underserved populations.

You are going to deliver education solutions to students around the world, there are lots of companies that do this so why does Couch Tutors Global stand out from the others?

We are in the process of developing an all-inclusive learning platform with tutors in 60 countries with the capability to deliver services customized to local school curriculums. Our website from the beginning of its development is designed to support school curriculums around the world. We have dedicated a tremendous amount of time to ensure our platform not only teaches students, but also supports schools and parents in a variety of different way, including educational planning (College Search). In addition, Couch Tutors from its inception, is dedicated to giving back to underserved populations. Corporate Social responsibility is the core focus of our strategy.

You have more than 500 tutors from 60 countries ready to help students around the world, how are you vetting these tutors to make sure students are getting the best of the best?

We look at several factors when vetting our tutors. First and foremost, our core focus is to find high quality educators with experience in the field of teaching and education. We have a set of questions and initial interviews are conducted via email. Once screened to ensure applicants meet the quality education criteria, approved tutors will register on our platform and will be required to provide three references. Upon reference check, candidates will be required to provide a sample session to either students or our staff. Once the review ay on the platform.

Are your tutors going to teach in English or can they teach in different languages?

The best part of our platform is that our global team of tutors must have proficient English levels to apply. However, they will have flexibility to teach in a variety of different languages. This gives us a major advantage in helping students around the world/ To date, our global team of educators have the capability to deliver teaching and counselling sessions in 18 different languages. This number is growing daily.

What type of educational services are you going to be offering and at what age groups?

We plan on offering an array of services including:

Live 1-1 tutoring for students KG-College and professional coaching for working adults.

Live- Small study group courses for KG-High School and professional seminars for Adult Students.

Essay Editing Services for High School and College students.

Gift Cards for friends, relatives, or students in underserved populations (KG-12).

College Counseling and placement assistance (High School Students)

Institutional Support for schools, universities, and government organizations.

You have 188 subjects that you are going to offer courses in, will you be expanding on those subjects as time goes on?

Yes. Our platform will leverage AI to understand what our students’ needs are. Our platform is designed to understand what our customers want and to deliver solutions in a timely and cost- efficient fashion. As our educator network grows, we’ll be able to offer more subjects.

You have launched a crowdfunding campaign; can you explain why you have done that and where people can find your campaign?

We are giving everyone a chance to own part our company at a very early stage. We plan on competing with companies that are traded in major exchanges such as the NASDAQ. We prefer to start with a grass roots approach before seeking funding from institutional banks and VCs. Although all options are on the table. People can find our campaign on www.wefunder.comlcouchtutors .

This is going to be an exciting year for you, but where do you see your company in five years time?

I am very optimistic that Couch Tutors will make a positive impact on students lives, around the world. Most importantly, I would like to see our company partner with government entities to make education accessible and affordable to as many students as possible.

To learn more about Couch Tutors, please visit

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