A Mission of Change: Is Sanity a Creature Worth Observing?

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A Mission of Change: Is Sanity a Creature Worth Observing?

June 28
09:36 2022
A Mission of Change: Is Sanity a Creature Worth Observing?
Psychopathia By Mathieu Brisset
Who is the real culprit? The one behind bars or the ones who construct the bars?

Psychopathia is a book carved out from the life and experiences of a Canada-based businessman, Mathieu Brisset. As his first take on writing, this book brings forth a mystery many are unaware of or many failed to crack. He has the map to the ultimate treasure, the jewels mankind will cherish for life, all calculated, skillfully laid out over the leaves of his masterpiece. Bringing something unique and jaw-dropping to the world, a real story of struggle and survival. An autobiography like no other, Brisset is here with a purpose. He, with his tremendous work, will teach the readers a lesson that no educational sites or people can teach. With his energized voice and witty style of writing, he is here to make a change with the passion and motivation coursing through his veins, with a goal only he can achieve, but he needs our help.

But such is my goal:
To live in a world where psychopaths can live freely and coexist peacefully with neurotypicals.
Let us come out of the shadows, and let us take our place in the sun among you.
We can learn something from each other. We don’t see things the same way, and there is no harm in it.   

Psychopathia is a book that cracks the code of psychopathy and psychopaths. Brisset provides you a ‘behind the curtain’ view of his life. He is a diagnosed psychopath, and his aim is to help his kind come out of the shadows and experience life like every other human being, or Neurotypicals, as he calls them. He reaches out to his kind as a ray of light, guiding them out of destruction toward a better future.

Survival, pain, anger, or sacrifice are universal strings of life, this book takes you on a ride of reality, and it depicts how easy it is to succumb to misery and accept one’s fate, but the rock bottom dive and self-attempt at rescue stand as an example that if one believes in greatness, one achieves greatness one way or the other and the self-help codes are given in his work. The author’s blazing confidence and determination will lure you in for an experience of a lifetime. With the disclosure of his tales of aborted murders, he goes skinless, completely raw for you, for us, for them.

The author, with his firsthand experience of psychopathy, debunks false representations and absurd romanticization created by the world. He provides an outlook of who they really are and what they are made out to be. He calls out the liars and hypocrites and takes a stand for the kind that is so casually shunned by the crowd. Through intricate details and real instances of his own life, he digs deeper into psychopathy in an attempt to enlighten the youth as well as non-diagnosed psychopaths.

This book has the power to make a difference, call out the real troublemakers, and demand recognition and acceptance. The author doesn’t shy away from his reality. He comes forth naked with all his imperfections and hidden powers. Being different was never a crime, so why should his kind pay the price for their due right.

That’s why I’m writing this book.
Because I dream of a better world for everyone, MY race AND yours. 

The novel, Psychopathia is now available for purchase in e-book format from Amazon.

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