19 Year Old Entrepreneur, Bhavesh Primalani, Creates a Full-time Income Through his Laptop and is Now Paying it Forward

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19 Year Old Entrepreneur, Bhavesh Primalani, Creates a Full-time Income Through his Laptop and is Now Paying it Forward

May 26
18:30 2020
19 Year Old Entrepreneur, Bhavesh Primalani, Creates a Full-time Income Through his Laptop and is Now Paying it Forward

Bhavesh Primalani, a 19-year-old entrepreneur who has been able to build a full-time income through his knowledge and mere laptop, is at it again. This time around, he announces the launching of an online mindset coaching program for upcoming entrepreneurs, students and business owners. Bhavesh Primalani is launching this program to inspire young people around the world so they can become the best of their former selves. He is widely known for teaching young people, students and entrepreneurs how to make money through their laptops and social media platforms. As a social influencer, he continues to use his social wealth, online presence, and connection to make money by closing million dollars deals through DMs and phones. These are what he intends to teach young people and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Just like every other kid around, Bhavesh Primalani started out as a young man with nothing but hope and aspiration to become a wealthy individual and role model to young entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. Initially in life, Bhavesh intended to go through the traditional path of 9-5 but eventually chose to invest in many different coaching programs with people who are where he wanted to be. This has created his success in the long run. With his “never give” up attitude, he has been able to carve a niche for himself and scale his business. Bhavesh is also the man behind all the sales and marketing of various celebrity influencers and brands where he helps them close leads over the phone and Instagram DM – this is a hidden treasure that many people are currently failing to understand.

Because every student and young entrepreneur erroneously understands that building a business is not an easy task, they sometimes start having a negative mindset towards sustaining a business or making money online. I have come to demystify that hegemony and myths,” said  Bhavesh Primalani. “With my online coaching program, every person under 30 will be exposed to how they can change their mindset and become successful entrepreneurs. I will ensure every participant understands the first step that I discovered when I stepped into the entrepreneurial world. It worked for me and has worked for many of my former students; definitely, it will work if you decide to implement exactly what I say,” he concluded. 

Furthermore, Bhavesh has studied and ready to share with young entrepreneurs the secrets of becoming successful entrepreneurs. His online mindset coaching program will help companies, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and celebrities alike with first step in being a successful entrepreneur. He started with different celebrity influencers in the coaching space and became a celebrity due to workable tips, useful business anecdotes, nuggets, and life advice that he continues to dish out to aspiring entrepreneurs through, https://www.instagram.com/issbhaveshp/, his official Instagram page.

The mindset coaching program is primarily designed to orientate the younger generation on how they can become successful entrepreneurs, improve their businesses, or create one for themselves. The program is also being created so everyone who participates in it can chart out a better course for their life, fashion out ways through which they can change their worldview and, at the same time, maximize their potentials to the fullest. Through his online mindset coaching program, each participant will be exposed to how to:

  • Get rid of all mind blocks that are preventing success
  • Be able to interact without feeling ashamed
  • Mind positioning
  • Build a business empire
  • Discover true hidden passions to pursue.

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Contact Person: Bhavesh Primalani
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Phone: +1 323-207-0408
Country: United States
Website: https://www.instagram.com/issbhaveshp/

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