BillyGuard Is Fighting Back Against Online Bullying Providing A Free Anti-Bullying Service

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BillyGuard Is Fighting Back Against Online Bullying Providing A Free Anti-Bullying Service

May 28
10:45 2020
BillyGuard is a free service that enables people to act against bullies to stop them.

A new global service has been launched to fight back against cyberbullying. BillyGuard is a service that assists people of all ages who are being bullied, harassed, threatened, or intimidated via technology (Internet or phones), to take steps to stop the bullying.

BillyGuard is building a global searchable database where people can register a complaint. Once the complaint is made, BillyGuard will verify the bully’s identity and the platform they are using to harass people. Once that information is gathered, they will be added to the register which is searchable by big named companies, and steps will then be taken to stop that bullying.

More than half of children in England and Wales are bullied. In the USA one in five children is bullied in and out of school and in Australia it is one in four. However, it is not just children that are bullied, and bullying does not just take place at school. Bullying also happens to adults and bullying comes in all shapes and forms, including bullying online and trolling online (referred to as cyberbullying).

BillyGuard’s register will allow social media networks to perform a search just like a credit search. Organisations can use the database to check if a person is a known bully before allowing them to join their platform.  This will assist organisations to ensure that they are providing the maximum level of “duty of care” possible to others. Through registering a complaint against a bully, it will make using social media platforms and other technologies safer for people of all ages.

4.33 billion use the Internet each year. That is 57 percent of the world’s entire population. Even though the Internet is worth $19 trillion little is done to make surfing online safer for people of all ages. For many years now people have been calling for the Internet to be policed to stop the bullying and the trolling that takes place. Even though some organisations have taken steps to address cyberbullying, a lot more still needs to be done. BillyGuard have decided that “enough is enough”, it’s time to get tougher. In the words of BillyGuards founder Glen Campbell, “We are determined to make the Internet a safer place.”

When asked how important the new anti-bullying service is, BillyGuard’s founder replied: “Bullying is a serious issue. It can affect a person for the rest of their life. Our free service aims to show bullies they have nowhere to hide. We will win the battle against bullying.”

To learn more about BillyGuard and how it is helping to fight back against bullies, please visit

About BillyGuard

BillyGuard has proprietary tools and significant technical expertise that they utilize to identify who bullies and trolls are, and the platforms and routes they use to bully people. This is important because many times they will hide behind technology making it difficult to identify exactly who they are or enabling them to continue to bully many others without any consequences.

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