Bigwash: Underwater Hull Cleaning Effective in Removing Invasive Species Like Zebra Mussels

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Bigwash: Underwater Hull Cleaning Effective in Removing Invasive Species Like Zebra Mussels

May 29
17:53 2020
Bigwash: Underwater Hull Cleaning Effective in Removing Invasive Species Like Zebra Mussels

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota – Boat owners understand the hard work and persistent efforts of keeping invasive species off their craft. Traditionally, this involves either hiring a diver or hooking up a trailer, getting the boat on the trailer, checking the boat out and removing debris by hand, then taking it to where you can properly wash and scrub it thoroughly. It is quite time-intensive, especially if you’re just taking it to another dock in the same lake. Bigwash by Drive-In Boatwash is a perfect solution for easily removing barnacles, seaweed, and mussels.

Developed in Sweden, the certified Bigwash effortlessly removes invasive species from hulls in 15 minutes. The automated, underwater hull cleaner is an environmentally safe and chemical-free system. Boat owners can be confident in using this consistent, high-quality cleaning. Randy Plotner, a boat owner in Galveston, Texas highly recommends Bigwash, stating “This was an incredibly affordable, easy, and fast experience and the owner was very informative and hands-on. For the level of detail and the thorough cleaning, the cost is awesome!” 

The Drive-In Boatwash uses six to ten rotating brushes made of high-density polymer, which is hydraulically controlled to adjust automatically to each boat. When the boat is moored in the U-shaped dock, the brushes move along the length of the boat twice, removing all fouling. Owners can select the rotation direction of the brushes via remote control on the dock. All debris and fouling are collected in a large basin under the machine, which closes between uses. 

This innovative service saves time for boat owners simply because a Bigwash only takes 15 minutes. It also saves money each time you clean the hull, since owners operate the machine for a nominal fee, and the need for anti-fouling paint is minimized. No more long drives with a trailer, and no more paying the high costs of divers to clean your hull of invasive species. Plus, your boat reaps the benefits of cleanliness with improved fuel efficiency and speed. It’s a win-win-win, all around. 

Be sure to visit the Drive-In Boatwash website at to learn more about the Bigwash hull cleaning machine, to contact them, or download a brochure. If your favorite marina could benefit from this convenience for boaters while helping their revenue stream, share this article with them!

Drive-In Boatwash manufactures, sells, and operates hull cleaning machine technology for brush washing boats in the water. The patent-pending service provides convenience and time savings to boat owners that operate in lakes that have problems with invasive species like Zebra Mussels. This growing company has locations worldwide including Sweden, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Canada, and six locations in the US including Florida, California, and Texas and growing.

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