“2gether”, Transforming Social Distancing into Social Listening for elders

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“2gether”, Transforming Social Distancing into Social Listening for elders

June 01
17:34 2020
2gether music app is the world’s first emotion-based music platform which connects families over the music. It makes the music, a therapy for elders to heal the pain of being alone and helps to cut the fear of uncertainty.

Israel – The Corona crisis has left everyone forced to live with anxiety and uncertainty for the future. Elder people are most affected by this pandemic attack. Amidst 70 million elderly populations in the US, almost 53% of senior citizens are staying alone and it’s getting hard for them to meet or socialize with their families and dear ones in this COVID 19 chaos. With 2gether, families can listen and share music, relive the moments and record them and watch their grandparents enjoying and singing in real-time.

In this crisis, the elderly need additional support and care like a little child especially when they are prone to feel isolated and living away from their loved ones. Getting exposed to the concerning news about the worsening situation for longer durations and coupled with more restrictions on stepping out can create anxiety and fear in seniors” minds and must be addressed promptly and with care.

2gether enables families to visit them remotely. With its music therapist, available on the journey to reconnect for 24×7 and personalized music, 2gether creates a positive ambiance and helps them keep calm and positive. The app can be downloaded from URL http://2gether.fun/download1.

While speaking about the journey of this app and how it began, Roy Tal, founder of the app shared “It all started with my grandmother, Shula! I was a good grandson. I wanted to visit her more, see her smile more, but I didn’t know how to make our moments meaningful”. 

He understood the value of spending time together makes the difference most.

Due to its helpfulness and serviceability, 2gether has been recognized as a ‘Mass Challenge Israel’ Accelerator among 56 startups from 11 nations chosen from over 5000+ candidates. Also, it has received “Kaveret’ Hub for social startups (JDC & National security funds) among 16 startups from Israel chosen from over 500+ candidates, and 2gether received a $70K grant. 

This app is one of the 5 chosen startups all over the world to commence the business in Japan under the ‘KGAP+’ program organized by ATR in Keihanna Research Complex Project.

The real success story is, in the last 18 months since launch 2gether connected more than 100-day care centers, 9 nursing homes, 3 hospitals, and 4000+ families. That certainly shows the dire need for such services in the present time to improve the quality of life.

“I knew that I liked music and she liked music and we discovered the power of listening to music 2gether. Suddenly, like a ripple effect, she smiled more, felt better, remembered old stories, and our bond was stronger than ever!! I was the best grandson in the world!! When she passed away, I took some time to process it and look for some silver lining – and founded 2Gether!” adds the founder of the app.

It’s Time to Support Elderly as they have sacrificed a lot in their times for our sake and now its high time to stand by them with utmost love, care, and positivity. 2gether helps elders to engage them in recreational activity and keep them engaged indoors. 

To know more or download the app, visit http://2gether.fun/download1.

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Company Name: 2gether
Contact Person: Roy Tal
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Phone: +972-52-4446633
Country: Israel
Website: http://2gether.fun/download1

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