Kilo.IO Has Launched a Free Platform For The Evolving Hemp Supply Chain.

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Kilo.IO Has Launched a Free Platform For The Evolving Hemp Supply Chain.

June 01
17:54 2020
KILO AND COMPANY ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF KILO.IO – Transparent Tracking & Compliance Software, A Single Source of Truth For The Evolving Hemp Supply Chain.

DALLAS, TEXAS – June 1, 2020 – Kilo and Company announced today the launch of Kilo™ – a proprietary agriproducts tracking and compliance software platform (, including a new set of unrivaled capabilities that allow farmers to easily connect across the entire hemp supply chain.

Increased Transparency, Compliance, and Trust – For Free

After a successful 2019 beta that covered many farms and licenses across thousands of acres, Kilo is opening up to Farmers for free just in time for the 2020 growing season.

With a complete view and deeper understanding of the hemp market, Farmers can create additional value for their enterprise by adopting Kilo’s easy-to-use platform. “Our simple mobile first approach allows farmers to communicate within the cloud to run operations, compliantly tag plants or bags and see actionable data and insights all within the same interface. Kilo’s QRcode based approach gives farmers instant insight as to where their crops have ended up, from transport to processing downstream in the supply chain, to consumer products. The bi-directional communication allows all parts of the supply chain to work together in unison,” said Mateen Aini, Co-Founder of Kilo.

The Holy Grail of AgTech: A Single Source of Truth

Nearly 80% of customers say they expect connected experiences in which their preferences are known across touchpoints across the supply chain. The founding team of Kilo with experience in Cannabis and Hemp were themselves frustrated by 99% of conversations which lead to brokers not having the facts.

Brodie Flanders, CEO and Co-Founder of Kilo, added: “We’re seeing a major demand across the entire industry for more transparency, from those working in the fields to those purchasing retail goods. Although the term transparency feels overused already, we can’t deny the truth. Hemp needs more of it, and the Kilo platform is built to deliver.”

Being vertically integrated isn’t the only way to deliver quality hemp derived goods. With Kilo’s powerful collaborative tools, supporting the plant lifecycle with those participating in cultivation and manufacturing processes allows all players to win, whether that’s independently or amongst networks.

Kilo is further continuing to develop features to assist the FDA, USDA, and DEA in combating false labeling and inner-state transport seizures to name a few. Brodie goes on to say, “We’re making a strong push for much needed cohesion in the industry. By creating a platform with B2B capabilities, each user can be part of a greater ecosystem and prosper together with our northern star being quality and safety.” (note – to the naked eye, hemp looks like Marijuana and there’s no system in place to help tell the difference. Kilo IS that system).

However, organizational and technical complexity often gets in the way of meeting these expectations. Companies have legacy infrastructure and data silos, leading to fragmented data and fragile integrations between systems. Inconsistent methods for accessing, reconciling and activating customer data make it extremely challenging for companies to deliver connected experiences across these systems.

“Not anymore, we want farmers to do what they do best and allow us to make their lives easier and more efficient. The platform has taken this into consideration and even has a feature that allows farmers and government agencies to upload their excel files, scanned pages of notes and Kilo automagically organizes and starts making sense of the various notes, files and chicken scratch on napkins.” Evan Conkle, CTO and Co-Founder goes on to say, “It was an eye opening experience to see the many hats our farmers have to wear, and I became singularly focused on wanting to make life a little easier for them. The ag tech that currently exists is cumbersome and being able to sit inside those farm operations helped me and the team to design a product based on feedback. That may sound simplistic but I’d argue that most platform’s across track & trace or compliance actually aren’t built with the most important pieces of the supply chain in mind. With hemp being a national crop, our system is built to support the masses.”

Kilo is already in adoption discussions with some of the world’s top genetics groups, as well as integrating with extraction labs in Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio. “The tracked flower from 2019 is moving into extraction and then into consumer-packaged goods,” says Mateen Aini. “There’s a few exciting brands that are launching using our KiloCode from seed to bottle, possibly the most transparent experience thus far in hemp products.” 

Having a source of truth — a single, trusted place that brings together all within the hemp supply chain to deliver amazing experiences — has been the holy grail. Today is delivering it.

If you are a farmer get your free account here. In the hemp industry? Kilo would love to hear from you! Here.

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