Dockko Releases New Album ‘Elohim’, Becomes Clubs and DJ Favorite

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Dockko Releases New Album ‘Elohim’, Becomes Clubs and DJ Favorite

June 01
20:27 2020

Dockko is doing it right! All the clubs and DJ’s loves “Chocolate Baby” which is the lead song off Dockko’s album “Elohim”. Dockko makes classic music. His musicianship is beyond explanation. He is an MC, songwriter, and producer. This artist will stand out in any crowd.

Based on the dictionary the word “Elohim” is singular Eloah, (Hebrew: God), the God of Israel in the Old Testament. … When referring to Yahweh, Elohim very often is accompanied by the article ha-, to mean, in combination, “the God,” and sometimes with a further identification Elohim ḥayyim, meaning “the living God.”

Dockko is signed to Dogface Records. Leroy Holden is the CEO and lead producer for Dogface Records. Mr. Holden made a musical marriage with Dockko because of this true talent. Mr. Holden indicates Dockko’s flow over his beats is something special. The album “Elohim” has 14 songs which are “Day one”, “Why”, “Chocolate Baby”, “Love Jones”, “Work Sum Twerk Sum”, “Drip feat. Tuck”, “Forever feat. Kevin Hues”, “Born Hustler” “Face” “Freak Tip feat. Indari Mahalo”, “Tonight w/ Ice”, “Hemi” and “Lost Soul”. Although the album is Hip-Hop, the mixer of the beats includes a bit of R&B, reggae, soul, and beyond. Listen to the record on all streaming platforms.

Here is the link to the “Elohim” album on Spotify: and

Music has taken a great turn over the years, which allows independent labels to be successful without a big name like Sony, Jive, Atlantic, and others. Dogface Records have positioned themselves to assure success for their artists. Dogface has the understanding that marketing is what it takes to make any company, product, or services successful. The streamlining planning behind Dockko’s new album will allow him to become a household name. Mr. Holden is pulling out all stops to ensure the results for this album is what it should be in the end.

The beats underscore the envious extravagance and comfort of Dockko’s lifestyle. Many of Mr.Holden beats recall the restraint, buoyancy, and hard edges of Dockko’s “Elohim”. It is the production, rather than Dockko, that dictates the album’s moods, which appear almost as seasonal fluctuations, but a classic. Dockko’s quoted “I am not looking for a handout, I just want a fair chance to be heard“.

Dockko’s new hot new release “Chocolate Baby” is a song that will hit many charts. This song will hit the billboard as it is well producer, great vocal delivery, and excellent mixing. This song “Chocolate Baby” has reached over 170 million in listenership and has made on many charts thus far. Based on the DRT, Mediabase and BDS report the song has been rotation on 24 stations and growing. As Dogface Records continue to do out of the box marketing for the song expect not else but greatness.

About Dockko

Dockko born Donnell Tucker comes from a long line of hard workers. He works hard on his craft and is self-taught to play the piano, drums, and bass guitar with the saxophone being next on the list. Dockko produces his beats and handles his engineering. Dockko grew up with his brother rapping and as they tested each other’s abilities to enhance their skills.

Dockko’s brother even shoots his music videos for him so his family is supportive of his career. Dockko was raised by his grandparents who taught him about the importance of morals and ethics to have common sense which has brought him a long way in life.


About Dogface Records CEO Leroy Holden:

Leroy is an Executive Music Producer with two decades of experience building fantastic sound tapestries and taking artists to the next level, including N.S. Ave-Destiny Album & Boo Boo-S.P.L.A.S.H. Album for Chocolate City Records/Universal Music Group in Washington, DC. He’s inspirational and motivational, coaxing the best performances out of artists and delivering a tight finished product. Leroy possesses a strong knowledge of movie scores works in hip-hop, experience with marketing, distribution, and promotion in the recording industry, and a very clear understanding of industry dynamics and organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, and SAG.

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