The survival of the fittest in the mask industry – GLL Mask shows up prominently

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The survival of the fittest in the mask industry – GLL Mask shows up prominently

June 01
20:43 2020
The survival of the fittest in the mask industry – GLL Mask shows up prominently

During the COVID-19 epidemic period, mask is life and it is the important line of defense against coronavirus infection. Choosing the right mask can help people reduce the risk of infection. Masks are the protection necessities for families, individuals and hospitals. Now the epidemic is worldwide, so masks are becoming the products in short supply globally. Under the internal and external situation, the importance of mask quality is self-evident. However, many lawbreakers treat the mask as ready source of cash, which leads to fake and shoddy masks, unbranded masks, expired masks, recycling second-hand masks among other shocking things.


Widespread Dislocation in Mask Industry Few Companies Engage In

The huge demand for masks has led to huge profits for the industry. There are various reasons for the emergence of problematic masks, and the nature of seeking profits is the fundamental reason for it. Some mask manufacturers rush into production without production qualification and production equipment and qualified materials. For downstream mask factories, due to the strengthening of the related rectification measures, the quality requirements of the mask raw material named melt blown fabric are increased, so they have to purchase the unbranded melt blown fabric without product inspection report at a low price for quality ones.

At present, there is the global outbreak of the epidemic, and the turning point of has not yet been reached, and the global medical supplies are in short supply. Every world’s plant needs a large investment for the qualified mask production equipment, which is a 10-million-level investment. Not all enterprises have such strength and confidence to engage in, and many enterprises still take up a wait-and-see attitude towards purchasing normal mask production equipment.


Fearless and Against The Tide, GLL® Mask Showed Up Prominently

In such a severe market environment, Fujian Great Path Protective Products Limited Company responded to the needs of epidemic prevention and control quickly and established GLL ® brand. It invested more than 20 million RMB to purchase high-end mask production equipment, and rebuilt a dust-free mask production workshop with the capacity of 100,000 masks in a short time. After research and development, it can produce its own melt blown fabric in line with the standard of production and quality. The company hires the senior mask machine masters to debug the mask production machines. This has become a fresh scene one among the mask market dislocation undoubtedly.

The production of GLL® Mask is in the workshop totally. The workshop staff must also wear masks and overalls throughout the whole process and cooperate with the mask automation equipment until the final packaging is finished in order to ensure that each step of the production process is scientific and reasonable and the operation is standardized and rigorous. In terms of the quality of masks, there is a random quality inspection in every shift according to the time point, which uses disinfection in the inspection process. So far, all the indicators of GLL® Mask products made by Fujian Great Path Protective Products Limited Company have met the requirements.


Not only do those shoddy masks have no protective effect, but they also may cause secondary cross-infection, which makes it more difficult to prevent and control the epidemic objectively. Those masks will also cause people’s worry and panic and make people lose the minimum trust in the quality of masks. When people buy masks, they will worry about buying shoddy ones. If the exported masks are problematic, it will affect the international reputation and image of Chinese products directly, and even affect China’s national image.

GLL® Mask has mask production standard of FFP2 and FFP3 in accordance with the American NIOSH standard. During the epidemic period, we received orders from 17 countries respectively, and completed all of them on schedule with good quality, which wins approval, recognition and good reputation from domestic and foreign institutions and consumers, including KN95 masks and disposable masks. From this point of view, the quality of GLL® Mask made by Fujian Great Path Protective Products Limited Company is self-explanatory.

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