Chris Barry – The Inspiring, Young Entrepreneur Who Will Change the World

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Chris Barry – The Inspiring, Young Entrepreneur Who Will Change the World

April 08
23:50 2021
How a young entrepreneur works to solve the mental health problem and help businesses and people improve themselves.

Chris Barry is a young entrepreneur who is originally from Orange County, California. He grew up in his native Huntington Beach before eventually moving to Boston to attend Northeastern University. While at university, Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit kindled through the community that he found at the school. Within the first few months at university, Chris rose to become a leader at the school’s top entrepreneurial program, where he worked to improve his skills as an entrepreneur and led programs to help hundreds of students grow their businesses.

At the tail end of his university career, Chris came across sales expert and 2-comma club recipient Mike Barron, who changed his life. Chris says, “Honestly, I have to thank Mike for constantly guiding me and giving me the additional skills I needed to succeed. Without him, I would’ve not gotten to this point as fast as I did. It’s an honor to be one of his students and to be able to call him a friend.”

Chris started working under Mike, where he was coached and trained in all things sales. In his first two months of closing, Chris was able to sell over $100,000 in personal sales and ended up working with Mike on a 1-1 basis. Chris was then brought on as a sales coach to help Mike build and train students for his Closer Academy program.

Today, Chris is the founder and CEO at a couple of companies, most notably his closer agency, Trillion Dollar Closers. At Trillion Dollar Closers, Chris and his team help business owners dramatically increase their revenues by implementing state-of-the-art sales techniques and by bringing on highly trained and 100% commission-based closers. Besides the closing business, Chris is also a founder of an eCommerce store, real estate investment group, and placement agency.

Outside of his businesses, Chris continues to push himself in all that he does. He is currently training for Ironman that will take place in September 2021. Chris’s other passions are traveling, spending time with his family, reading, learning languages, and coaching other people to improve themselves. Chris also has a massive passion for solving the mental health problem that plagues this world. He is currently working on writing a book in this field, creating free resources and other programs to improve people’s mental health and mental fortitude.

Chris Barry is a young entrepreneur who will significantly impact this world through his charismatic personality and dedication to building companies that help others and solve global problems. Remember the name because very soon you will hearing a lot more of this young man.

To keep up with all the things that Chris is doing, you can find him on all platforms with the username @thechrisbarry.

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