Anooja Bashir: An Exemplary Indian Business Entrepreneur Setting New Benchmarks In The Industry

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Anooja Bashir: An Exemplary Indian Business Entrepreneur Setting New Benchmarks In The Industry

May 27
20:37 2021
Anooja Bashir: An Exemplary Indian Business Entrepreneur Setting New Benchmarks In The Industry

India has been reeling under the covid pandemic and the business community has been negatively affected in the scene. Still, there are stories of survival and hope in the Business ecosystem from the experiences of entrepreneurs. Anooja Bashir is one such Entrepreneur. Her story displays a strong confident woman who fought against all odds to transform herself into a successful entrepreneur through her venture Ourea. Her beautiful saga is a living proof of inspiration, perseverance, will power and optimism laced with skill & talent to many individuals around the globe especially women.

A Corporate turned Academician stepping into the wardrobe of an Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship was not exactly her ideal career or dream spot, but today no matter what, she is always at the beck and call of the same. The story of Ms. Anooja Bashir, a civil engineer turned entrepreneur has quite a lot of twists and pseudo-climaxes. Graduating as a civil engineer, she has played many important roles both in India & abroad from interior designer to project manager and yes, as a former assistant professor. Her exposure and convergence with both academia and the corporate for a tenure of more than ten years helped her in identifying the numerous rifts and fractures that existed between the adroitness of the academia and dexterity demanded by the corporate. Anooja has with her, a plethora of experience, thus delineated her brain child — a finishing school concept for professional graduates with venture Ourea in 2013. Being unfamiliar to the Indian market, with the culture she developed from abroad put her into serious blunders as things worked out quite different when it came to implementing her ideas. Thus like every other entrepreneur, she too faced a herculean task to make her concept come to reality. Having spent a substantial aggregate of time in both academia and corporate space didn’t completely aid her as the sector demanded more resources and more strategies. The whole idea at the time of its inception was a long shot. Since it confronted and stood against the conventional flow of the hackneyed educational style and corrupted skill development, the venture harbored uncertainty and fostered widespread criticism. The startup failed pathetically twice with devastating outcomes. Like every other startup, she too experienced a roller-coaster ride — full of struggles,ups and downs leaving a sweet taste of success and bitter taste of failure.

The Will of a woman who would never give up.

Unwilling to give up on the endeavor, Anooja stepped into the entrepreneurial phase of her life, as she concentrated on gathering corporate insights on strategy building and expanding the horizons of her knowledge. The opposition from her family on concerns of a career such as this with instability as opposed to her previous professions, the financial infirmity that came with the shift of métier were all disheartening. As the quotes of Eleonor Roosevelt goes on “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until she is in hot water”. She cut her path out of all odds crowning her venture Ourea into a 360 degree business management consultancy, a one-stop consultancy service that catered to all corporate requirements. She established and organized a strong footing in entrepreneurial space with an adept team consisting of Vinod Chacko & Naman Modi. The team had a clear sense of purpose, measurable objectives, and tenacious infrastructure.

Reconciling the Gaps of The System

Next hurricane struck when COVID-19 hit all of a sudden causing a serious threat to her dreams. Her never giving tip attitude and strategic thinking helped her to bring an old concept of hers to action. She again incarnated her brain child – the LIKES, (Learning Innovative Key Employment Skills) and brushed up and sketched the modules of the program by mincing and distributing the quintessence of the corporate ask for the students and added the services for startups and organizations. LIKES program was associated with five important dimensions of professionalism and was truly one of a kind, at the time of its inception, namely the earth element, the water element, the air element, the sky element, and the element of fire. LIKES may be perceived as an Edtech platform that embraces a strategic approach to learning, and which equips its participants with corporate best practices that are aimed at enhancing their professional skills considerably. There are course materials in the form of video graphic content, written content as well as lectures that are given by expert professionals. In fact, the modules that are taught are designed exclusively by experienced corporate professionals, who have been working in the industrial sector for quite some time now and who have every idea of what is expected of corporates. Besides another fact enhances the appeal of the program even further is that its courses are recognized and accredited. Certificates that are issued by the NSDC, as well as other accredited institutions, are awarded to the program participants after the successful completion of their courses.

But it doesn’t end here as LIKES , its approaches are so strategically conceptualized on a professional perspective. It’s services are not only restricted to graduates, but it also provides guidelines and mentoring to budding startups and organizations to build their business. Thus, the elements of industry are connected where the learner and the speaker are equally benefited. In the amidst of the pandemic it really gave a hope to many many entrepreneurs, a source of income to train the learners in their respective domains as business was facing a chaotic phase. Since it’s a mob-web application anyone can access the platform from any location or regions.

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