JASMINER X4-Q defines a new life for quiet mining

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JASMINER X4-Q defines a new life for quiet mining

April 26
16:21 2022

In the context of the global energy saving and emission reduction goals proposed, mining rigs with clean and efficient highlights have become the new favorite for ordinary families to participate in the crypto world. However, consumers need to consider not only the product’s hash rate performance and energy efficiency indicators when acquiring mining rigs, while the “noise” problem has also received more attention.

As a world-renowned computing technology brand, JASMINER, which also has the world’s first integrated high-throughput computing chip for storage and computing, recently launched the new high-throughput silent server X4-Q, whose exclusive “noise reduction” technology solves the long-standing “noise” pain point problem of computing servers and brings consumers a better quality experience.

Innovative noise reduction technology, higher hash rate and lower power consumption

The performance of the mining rig is different from that of other devices. When the hash rate is full, the temperature will increase accordingly, and the fan needs to be “continuously running”. Therefore, whenever a computing task starts, the huge noise made by the mining rig to dissipate heat troubles many users.

To address this situation, the JASMINER X4-Q employs innovative “Low noise & Heat dissipation” design. On the one hand, the standard 3U form factor provides high scalability for computationally intensive workloads, and at the same time, each server is specially equipped with a high-pressure silent fan to exhaust heat, with multiple air vents at the front and rear of the entire rig; and dual silent fans are placed inside the chassis to further expand the air intake of the entire rig while increasing the air exhaust, ensuring that the rig in a high-intensity working environment can still be maintained at a normal temperature while the output noise is not more than 40 decibels.

On the other hand, JASMINER X4-Q is equipped with 16 integrated high throughput computing chips, which elevates the rig’s hash rate to a new level. Users can obtain 1040MH/s±10% super high hash rate with only 480w±10% power consumption, and the energy efficiency ratio is as low as 0.46±10% J/MH. JASMINER’s innovative storage and compute all-in-one high-throughput compute chip technology combines industry-leading high throughput, high compute power and low power consumption to create leading-edge solutions that eliminate data bottlenecks and unlock the performance potential of high-throughput chips.

JASMINER X4-Q provides strong and high hash rate while ensuring low noise silence with excellent noise reduction capability, avoiding users’ anxiety of noise during hash rate operation and escorting for efficient hash rate operation. 

Multi-scene adaptation, the best partner for comfortable life

JASMINER X4-Q not only provides the best quiet effect, but also has obvious advantages in diversified scene adaptation.

From the very beginning of its design, the JASMINER X4-Q has shown great flexibility in its product form. Due to the standard 3U form, the X4-Q is medium height and compact, and can be used in a variety of environments; the hidden lug design on both sides supports diverse scenarios of expansion and flexible deployment forms, supporting desktop-level and cabinet-level centralized deployment, which can be widely used in home, IDC rooms, other professional venues, etc. It can be said that the full-scene adaptation of X4-Q truly achieves the full connection of human, rig and space, helping users to easily apply multiple scenes and become the best partner for comfortable life.

With its forward-looking layout in the field of “high throughput, high hash rate, and low power consumption”, the JASMINER product lineup has been continuously enhanced. In fact, not only the new generation of JASMINER X4-Q has a strong scene adaptability, but also many star products such as the JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server、JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server、JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U -C server that have attracted widespread attention in the industry have also brought users a high-quality and comfortable mining life. These products combine extreme hash rate performance with excellent stability, security, and energy saving, and can provide more reliable high-end hash rate support in various smart application scenarios, allowing users to enjoy the dividends of the encryption era.

JASMINER has pushed the mining rig industry to a new height of development with its own efforts. It has made a more comprehensive product layout to promote strong hash rate supply and multiple hash rate integration, truly integrating the comfort standard into the life of hash rate operation and changing the way people mine cryptocurrencies, making users shine. In areas such as quiet mining, it has reached the ideal state of consumers for future hash rate operation. We expect JASMINER, which always insists on quality, to bring more surprises to users in the future.

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