Wonders Why One Should Chose Blue Light Blocking Glasses with EMF Protection

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April 26
22:44 2022 Wonders Why One Should Chose Blue Light Blocking Glasses with EMF Protection

A recent CNET article stated that Americans spend one-third of their waking hours on digital devices. While modern electronics provide convenience and benefits unheard of just a few decades ago, they can take their toll on the eyes. Staring at a screen for hours can lead to tired, dry eyes and headaches. There are many causes for digitally related eye strain, but it is often linked to constant exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices. Even worse than eyestrain, blue light can affect sleep, and lack of sleep may affect health.  

What Is Blue Light? 

Light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths falling between 380 and 750 nm, and the human eye can see this. The spectrum consists of both warm and cool light and includes blue light. Blue light is a short wavelength that produces higher amounts of energy. Light’s electromagnetic field (EMF) affects you when reading on a digital screen.  

Electromagnetic energy also comes from radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, gamma rays, and the sun. Some people even wonder, “Is radiation from mobile towers dangerous? Here’s what Centre says” (There’s no evidence that it is.)

Unlike blue light, most EMFs are invisible to the human eye. one’s eyes protect you from many EMFs. Per Healthline, the sun’s blue light exceeds the amount produced by digital devices, but people tend to spend so much time on devices that they can be overexposed to blue light. 

The Problem with Blue Light Exposure from Digital Devices 

While there is no provable link between blue light and eye diseases, it has been linked to eye strain and sleep issues. If one’s wondering what causes these problems, here’s what some say: blue light scatters more quickly than other visible light, making it difficult for the eye to focus when receiving blue light. One’s eyes might digest blue light as visual static. There’s a reduction in contrast that can make it difficult for the eyes to process blue light, which might lead to eyestrain. 

A 2015 study revealed that when people were exposed to blue light in the evening hours, their bodies didn’t release as much melatonin. Their sleep cycles were delayed or disrupted, according to

How Blue Light Blocking Glasses Can Help

There is evidence that wearing glasses designed to block blue light can prevent some problems associated with staring at digital screens. According to Everyday Health, A Journal of Psychiatric Research study found that wearing amber-tinted blue light glasses for two hours before bed improved sleep. While there hasn’t been a lot of research done on the effect of blue light blocking glasses, some studies show that wearing the glasses could:

  • Enhance visual performance

  • Improve sleep

  • Help reduce eye fatigue

  • Conserve macular health

When It’s Time to Try Blue Light Glasses

Because blue light is not limited to digital devices, everyone is exposed to it. You are saturated with EMFs just taking a walk on a sunny day. But, there are certain times when wearing blue light glasses like those offered by BLUblox can soothe one’s eyes and offer protection: 

  • When you are outdoors on a sunny day and not wearing glasses 

  • When using digital devices for prolonged periods 

  • Any time you are exposed to LED light bulbs or an everyday source like the sun

Millions of people now reach for glasses that block blue light from digital devices and everyday sources like the sun. Blue light glasses can soothe the effects of eyestrain caused by using digital devices. They have also been shown to protect against sleep issues caused by prolonged blue light exposure.

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