Creative Biolabs Supplements Novel Single-domain Antibody Development with New Service Lines

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Creative Biolabs Supplements Novel Single-domain Antibody Development with New Service Lines

April 27
18:18 2022
Creative Biolabs, one of the leading service providers in the field of single-domain antibody (sdAb) development and downstream engineering, recently adds new solutions to supplement its sdAb development service lines, including services for multivalent sdAbs development and antibody humanization.

New York, USA – April 27, 2022 – Studies show that single domain antibodies with multivalent, multispecific, and modified constructs have been found with impressively therapeutic and diagnostic potential in a multiplicity of cancers, such as B cell lymphoma and leukemia, multiple myeloma, glioblastoma, lung cancer, and breast cancer, although no multivalent single domain antibody has been yet approved for cancer treatment. Creative Biolabs has achieved cutting-edge technological breakthroughs in developing multivalent sdAbs, including the establishment of a proprietary MUsdAb™ platform and various tailored services for the generation of multivalent sdAbs with different formats.

In addition, Creative Biolabs also expands solutions to sdAb humanization by upgrading its novel HuSdL™ humanization platform.

“The ability of llama sdAbs to selectively bind to a specific antigen with excellent stability, high affinity, and improved solubility has made them potential in molecular imaging and therapeutic applications. But the immunogenicity raised from the non-human origin is still a big problem.” A researcher at Creative Biolabs said, “llama antibody humanization is still necessary to avoid risks caused by immunogenicity in clinical.”

Compared to traditional strategies to humanize sdAbs, the HuSdL™ platform at Creative Biolabs allows keeping the stability and antigen-binding characteristics of a parental sdAb to the maximum extent while reducing its immunogenicity to humans. The company has also integrated the platform with other novel technologies, for example, in silico modeling, for better results.

“Thanks to the tremendous and long-term efforts of our R&D team, we feel excited and proud to be able to add new and innovative solutions on the basis of the solid foundation of our legacy sdAb development services. We look forward to tailoring and conducting more best-fit proposals for researchers’ projects.” The head of The Novel sdAb Development Service Line at Creative Biolabs holds an optimistic attitude toward their new service lines.

Regarding toxic or nonimmunogenic antigens that can be potentially used as immunogens, Creative Biolabs builds the naïve sdAb library as an alternative solution to generate and discover sdAbs against different types of antigens.

Advantages of Creative Biolabs’ naïve sdAb library include:

* Natural, unimmunized, and healthy antibody fragments in the sdAb gene repertoire

* Construction of sdAb repertoires without specific antigen bias.

* Amplified library diversity, genetic diversity, and antigenic epitope coverage.

* sdAbs identification with high specificity and affinity

About Creative Biolabs

The company focuses on providing services for sdAb development and production, such as single-domain antibody stability improvement, multivalent sdAbs discovery, sdAb conjugation, and sdAb humanization services for global researchers, as well as solutions to develop sdAbs as therapeutic agents and diagnostic reagents.

For additional information, please visit the Creative Biolabs’ website at

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