Indoor Herb Garden Trend On The Rise

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Indoor Herb Garden Trend On The Rise

June 28
01:05 2022
Indoor Herb Garden Trend On The Rise

Lately, it has been observed that the trend of “indoor herb garden” is on the rise.

Particularly in modern cities, where people are running out of space. Also, the recent lockdown in covid made people try to come up with something which not only killed time but also gave them some mental peace.

In this day and age, owning a home with a large garden can seem impossible. Fortunately, container gardening has become so popular that people with green thumbs no longer have to give up their passion, no matter the size of their home. In just a few short steps, you can have a beautiful garden of your own with just a patio or deck. You can see why container gardening has become such a hot trend among gardening enthusiasts.

You can grow your own herbs in a container even if you have limited space. You plant your plants in compact containers instead of using the ground for growing them. However, knowing “where to put plants in house” can make or break your indoor gardening endeavour.

where to put plants in house

Anything which can hold soil can technically be used as container for growing herbs. You can take an old boot and make it your herb container if you are one of those who likes an adventure. For the rest of you who are want to play it safe, might want to go for some of the “best pots for herbs“. Many people use plastic or terracotta pots, or garden storage boxes, but ultimately it is up to you how to use your space.

Finalizing a pot for your herbs sounds easy but once you get to this step, don’t be surprised if you find yourself scratching your head. However, once done with your selection, the next mission you will be subjected to will be finding the right “herb soil mix” or you can also opt for some compost.


Among gardening enthusiasts, the ease of growing herbs indoor is a major reason for its popularity. You don’t have to be an expert to begin herb container gardening.

Make sure you do your research beforehand to figure out “best herbs to grow indoors” that will thrive in the conditions of your home. 

Herb container gardens are very convenient to have because they do not require much space or maintenance. With them, you can add freshness and greenery to your patio space without the extensive work involved in traditional gardens. From the comfort of your own home, you can have easy access to herbs. Adding fresh produce to your meals will add flavor and convenience.

Indoor herb gardens are also portable, so you can move them from place to place. In addition to being easy to transport when you move house or gift them, you can also re-arrange them inside your patio. Change of scenery, adding some extra space, or adjusting the amount of light your plants receive could all be reasons to rearrange your plants. To move your herb container to the prime location, you simply need to pick it up and move it.

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