LiberaToe excited guitarists at NAMM Show 2022

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LiberaToe excited guitarists at NAMM Show 2022

June 28
04:47 2022

Ever since introducing the prototypes of multi-effects called the Premium Analog Effects Platform in 2019 for the first time at the NAMM Show, LiberaToe has been asking some fundamental questions to guitarists: 1) what forces pedalboards to get bulkier and heavier, 2) what has led to setup and reconstruction of a pedalboard annoyingly complicated, 3) how come the cost of a few pedals and peripherals is over US$2,000, 4) how come an effects pedal does not come with a multi-channel as a default like an amp does, and 5) how come an individual control and a preset cannot be used together for their advantages to be taken simultaneously. (There are other questions such as “why is the polarity of a DC power for the guitar effects pedal center negative where as that of home appliances is center positive?”)

Of course, questions like these may not hold much meaning if you use digital effects and do not care much about the picking dynamics.

LiberaToe seems to have put solutions for these questions in its products. To answer these questions, 1) LiberaToe adopted the modular effect structure, removing the necessity for cabling. This allows downsizing of the non-essential switching module which accounted for 40% of the pedal volume. This led to 60% reduction in weight and volume. 2) Thus, the non-cable structure does not require a patch cable and enables replacing of effects or switching their orders within a matter of a few tens of seconds. This guarantees freedom from the limitations that our bodies and minds may have not even perceived. 3) The cost reduction from the removed parts, casing, and labor to put them together lowered the product price by half. 4) Dual channel comes in a default setting, doubling the choice of options for the tones. 5) A preset switching loop, as a guru does, allows switching multiple pedals at once, however, it requires a hassle of pre-registrating as a patch even for pedals that are barely used. In contrast, improvisation is possible on general pedalboards in the manual mode but the pedals cannot be controlled together making smooth maneuvering difficult.

LiberaToe invented what they call an “Mb Mode” named after the word “ambidextrous.” This allows the user(guitarist) to take full advantages of both the preset switching and the manual control. Moreover, LiberaToe also provides a “plug-in” compatibility with the pre-existing pedals. Not having to worry about the polarity of a DC power is another advantage. LiberaToe demonstrates that effects are also a form of a musical instrument. One example is that LiberaToe allows guitarists to easily reach out to the knobs to adjust the sound sophisticatedly versus having to bend their body all the way down to reach to the effects on the floor.

Below are the specs of the representative product LiberaToe-6.

· Six slots for dual channel modules

· 100 banks x 4 patches, total 400 presets

· Built-in buffers, enhancer, cabsim, reversal/parallel control, amp controls. S/R loop, pluggable remote switch(option)

· Ambidextrous switching to use presets and individual control simultaneously

· DC 24V, 2.5A current

· 20.8’ x 7.28’ x 2.83’ (530 x 185 x 72mm)

· 7.7lbs (3.5kg) when incorporating 6 modules

· Adaptation to IoT (to be announced, unique feature out of analog based effects)

 Module structured multi-effects have been out in the market for a while, however, many of them were of sub-par qualities and lacked module diversities. LiberaToe starts with 22 modules built with high-quality compartments and circuits, and plans to add more to its product line.

Being a Canadian brand that cares about the environment and human rights, LiberaToe manufactures its products in Korea. The company puts values of freedom and democracy over the profits.

LiberaToe just released the “Dalgona switcher” at the 2022 NAMM Show. It supports an easy switching function for analog sticklers. It can also fuction as a junction box that matches up several guitars and amps together at the same time.

LiberaToe is a decentralized company where spirit-shared experts in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Korea pull their weights in their own premises. It is one of the few brands that have overcome the COVID-19 pandemic to reappear at the 2022 NAMM Show which will be held in Anaheim. (Booth #5039)

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