As a Strong-Willed and Zealous Individual of Ethiopia, Anbese Arthur Endeavors to Become a Face Cover of Numerous Esteemed Brands Eventually Leading Towards Launching his Clothing Line

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As a Strong-Willed and Zealous Individual of Ethiopia, Anbese Arthur Endeavors to Become a Face Cover of Numerous Esteemed Brands Eventually Leading Towards Launching his Clothing Line

June 28
08:13 2022
A truly dedicated individual, Anbese Arthur works tirelessly to reach the heights of success.

With a thoughtful and career-oriented approach, Anbese Arthur, from a third-world country, Ethiopia, is set to reach the heights of success. His strong sense of devotion and willingness to put in scrupulous efforts have helped him overcome the arduous situations of life while working hard to achieve the desired goals. While growing up in an orphanage with no parents and experiencing extreme difficulties in life, Anbese Arthur never detained himself from dreaming big and never gave up on himself. In the years leading up to his adoption, he did everything he could to find food and accommodation and worked hard to provide for his family. Later, when he shifted to America, he started working towards achieving his dreams, becoming one of the leading faces of fame for numerous brands and starting his clothing line.

His opportunity to move to America was an invaluable one that allowed him to choose his destiny. Therefore, he tried everything from sports to music so as to gain several experiences and increase his knowledge in various fields. Despite living on the streets and begging for the necessities prior to being sent to the orphanage, Anbese Arthur has taken a step forward to accomplish his goals. As well as studying at the University of Northern Colorado, he is currently working for about 30 hours to try and better himself and get prepared for the life he wishes to live. His determination and self-reliant nature have helped him vanquish the challenges of life. Moreover, since Anbese Arthur is bilingual, he can communicate in two different languages, this has helped him in various ways to make contact with esteemed individuals.

“My name is Anbese Arthur (AJ), and I am the most dedicated and hard-working man you’d ever meet. Let me tell you a bit about me. I come from a third-world country, Ethiopia, where I grew up with nothing. No mother or father and I lived on the streets making a living by begging for what I needed. I want to start in the clothing business. If right now, I want to show companies’ products on my social media. And from there I want to be able to try on products and promote them on my socials. But the ultimate goal is to eventually start my clothing line,” says Anbese Arthur.

Since he has a passion for being a famous sponsor, he therefore plans and works tirelessly to grow his social media and promote clothing brands. He has a strong fashion sense and takes inspiration from brands like Vans of the Wall and many others. His creative side and vision have helped him manage the social media accounts effectively and therefore he has gained many followers in a short period of time. With the effective use of social media platforms, he strives to show companies the products and promote them to build credibility. In addition to being a sponsor, Anbese Arthur’s ultimate goal is to set up a clothing brand that will target women, men, and children.

Furthermore, besides having an entrepreneurial mindset, he loves playing football while having a keen interest in traveling around the world. Hardworking and persistent, he will never give up on his dreams, no matter how hard the circumstances might be.

To stay updated, visit his social media profiles, @anbese85, Anbese Arthur.

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