Ikikata Breathes Life into the Urban Lifestyle Clothing Industry

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Ikikata Breathes Life into the Urban Lifestyle Clothing Industry

June 28
12:16 2022
Ikikata is an American urban lifestyle clothing company that offers a host of MMA and anime-inspired products.


Fashion clothing brands in the United States are extremely competitive, constantly vying to get an advantage with flamboyant details and features of questionable practicality. Among thousands of US clothing designers and manufacturers, none stand out as brightly as Ikikata – a lifestyle brand that prides itself on purposeful designs, an abundance of unique products, and a variety of choices for every age group. 

Ikikata translates to “Way of Life” from Japanese to American English. The brand lives up to its name with each new article in its menu, offering a host of unique urban apparel, fighting equipment, martial arts gear, and anime-inspired clothing products. 

As a hybrid between a sports clothes shop and a store for cosplay enthusiasts, Ikikata’s catalog is comprised of a broad range of gorgeous sweat suits, fighting sleeved shirts & pants, bomber jackets, rash guards, and everything in between. 

Anime & cartoon mashups are commonplace for Ikikata designs. One of the best-selling products in the brand’s catalog is the famous Dragon Shirt, which features Goku from Dragon Ball riding a nimbus accompanied by Dragonite, a friendly dragon-type Pokemon. 

True anime enthusiasts will surely recognize Shoto Todoroki, the famous Fire and Ice-wielding character from My Hero Academia, after which another Ikikata shirt design was named. 

Video gamers have plenty of Ikikata t-shirts to choose from, including Game Night, Face Off, Rowdy Puff Boys, and more. 

The intersection at which anime and martial arts worlds meet is Ikikata’s MMA gear category. The Baby Hulk Smash rash guard set was designed for fighters that identify with one of the strongest Marvel characters. Old-school gamers that are into combat sports will certainly appreciate the beauty and nostalgia trip that Ken & Ryu Street Fighter set offers. 

MMA fighters, both beginners and seasoned veterans have an opportunity to shop for premium-quality gear at the company’s online store. The Smoke Screen and SubZero Blue are the two most vibrant designs on Ikikata’s catalog, followed by the Red Charcoal, Red Zone, and the intimidating Raging Tiger. 

Ikikata’s dedication to supporting martial artists is encapsulated in the fact that the brand sponsored the reigning Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship title bearer, Lorenzo “The Juggernaut” Hunt. 

The brand is sponsoring Hunt and his work, with the company’s latest campaigning effort being the placement of The Juggernaut on a billboard in Times Square, New York City. 

Inspired by Lorenzo Hunt’s graceful fighting style and the string of recent victories the fighter has achieved have inspired Ikikata to create boxing gloves and a rash guard set in a fashion that would embody his vehement nature. The “Ain’t No Champ Unless I Say So” set is available in 7 different sizes. 

Ikitata is gaining a lot of traction on Instagram, where Travque has shown support for the brand, alongside rapper Gorrilla Nems. The Lorenzo’s varsity jacket, boxing shorts, gloves, and more, are available for preorder. 

More information about Ikikata and the brand’s full product catalog is available on the company’s official website

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