PolarBearShopping online shopping platform promotes smart part-time allocation of orders

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PolarBearShopping online shopping platform promotes smart part-time allocation of orders

June 28
14:17 2022

Do you know how many items can be sold on average per day on a global online shopping platform?

1000000000. This is an astronomical figure.

According to authority reports, the amount of online shopping in 2021 has reached 5.6 trillion.

This great trend caught our attention, so we launched a project for the intelligent allocation of online shopping orders that crosses borders: it is an order allocation robot called PolarBearShopping, which collects big data, cloud calculation, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, and is fully invested by our company PolarBear Shopping E-Commerce Co., Ltd, with a total investment of up to 10 million British Pounds (Coins of England).

PolarBearShopping is actually a resource sharing platform, its full name is “PolarBear Robot Smart Allocation Platform”. The main function of the platform is to use the black technology developed by the company itself to send the orders of the merchants according to the theory of the symmetry of the information to all the order members of PolarBearShopping, that is to say, members who have rights of place orders on the PolarBearShopping platform for evaluation. As long as the ordering member evaluates the merchants’ products as usual and gives the products good reviews, he will be able to get the merchant reward.

We know the weak points of traders. To solve the difficulties of traders, we have created the PolarBearShopping system. In addition to helping merchants find suitable customers for their products through big data, we can also rate their products through our ordering members to improve their popularity on the platform and online marketplace. Several birds in one shot.

As there are new and traveling main shopping platforms, and these in turn are divided into active and inactive. Second, each purchase is classified into 3 main levels due to the score on the platform, which are 0 to 1 star (bad rating), 2 and 3 stars (medium rating) and 4 stars and 5 stars (good rating) . In addition to the two aspects mentioned above, the shopping platforms will also be subdivided according to their popularity.

Therefore, PolarBearShopping’s main service targets are those recently added, inactive, low-popularity, and negative to medium-review products. Ratings, popularity, and exposure will not be directly enjoyed by merchants being on a reputable online shopping platform, as these benefits can only come about through the efforts of the merchants themselves. The only shortcut is to choose to join PolarBearShopping.

Richest man in the world Bill Gates had said that the pandemic is not fearful, what is fearful is the post-pandemic economic crisis. This saying has left many governments and companies scared and without knowing what measure to implement and has also left many people stressed and unable to sleep. And it is true, the gross domestic product of different countries of the world has been decreasing sharply, the unemployment rate continues to increase and business is becoming more and more difficult.

While the governments of different countries implement different measures to control the pandemic, people have been forced to consume on the Internet and even do their daily social activities through the Internet. This implicitly gave rise to a commercial modality, which is online marketing. According to the latest report from the United Nations, the world population is 7.83 billion, and because of the pandemic, currently global internet users have increased to 4.66 billion and of which 4.2 billion have made purchases. online. Hence the idea is clear that PolarBearShopping is obviously a huge business opportunity.

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