Neon Mama Manufactures and Ships Durable and Affordable Neon Signs Worldwide for Diverse Uses in a Choice of Colors

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Neon Mama Manufactures and Ships Durable and Affordable Neon Signs Worldwide for Diverse Uses in a Choice of Colors

June 28
22:47 2022
Neon Mama manufactures neon signs and ships them free worldwide. A one-year guarantee backs the handmade signs. The fully recyclable LED neon signs by Neon Mama consume less electricity and are highly efficient, with only 5% of the power getting converted to heat.

According to announcements released by Neon Mama and Justin Beddow, the business manufactures neon signs in different shapes, sizes, and designs. It ships handmade neon signs free worldwide. The neon signs are available in a wide range of colors.

The LED neon signs are 100% recyclable. There is no risk of broken glass with these waterproof, dimmable, color-changing neon signs. The signs can be installed in five minutes. Colorful neon signs by Neon Mama consume less power as compared to other illuminating technologies. 95% of the energy is converted to light; consequently, the neon signs do not get hot and are safe to touch. 

The company guarantees its neon signs for a year. The business is run by a dedicated team driven to provide its customers with the best possible neon signs. A quick turnaround and timely deliveries back quality production.

Neon Mama also manufactures custom neon signs based on design inputs by customers who can create their signs on the business’s website. The signs are available in five widths between 50cm and 200cm. They are manufactured from durable, eco-friendly rubber neon piping on a clear backboard. An LED controller and wireless dimmer are provided for free, along with a transparent power cord and power bank.

The off-the-shelf options available with Neon Mama are categorized under artistic, inspiration, bar, love, funny, shops, and Halloween.

The many positive reviews on the Neon Mama website point to the business’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Both individuals and businesses have posted informative reviews about the many neon signs sold by Neon Mama.

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Justin Beddow of Neon Mama said, “LED neon signs are becoming popular. They are much cheaper than classic gas and glass neon signs. They are environmentally friendly, affordable to buy, cheap to run, easy to install, and look fabulous. Neon signs are a fantastic way to draw attention to your storefront, business, or hotel. LED Neon signs are the future.

A vibrant and colorful contrast against the night sky, neon lights will catch the eye of passers-by and encourage more people to visit your business.

Whether you’re interested in neon signs as a marketing technique or want a unique piece of art for your home, you first need to consider the cost and energy consumption of neon lights.

So, before you get excited about the wide variety of colors, designs, and styles neon signs come in, let’s first get to grips with the cost.

Did you know that LED neon signs are significantly cheaper to buy and run than classic glass signs? You can even create your personalized design on our custom neon sign page. Light-emitting diodes have been around for some time, over 50 years in total.

Passing an electrical current through a microchip that illuminates the tiny light sources has revolutionized the lighting industry. The uptake and commercial use of light-emitting diodes took some time following their invention. Adding phosphor material to the LEDs resulted in that familiar white light and made LED suitable for household use.”

About the Company:

Neon Mama offers neon signs in more than 1000 designs and a wide range of colors. It is a popular provider of custom neon signs for use at home, in the office, and commercial establishments. The business ships its affordably priced neon signs worldwide.

Media Contact
Company Name: Neon Mama
Contact Person: Justin Beddow
Address:16192 Coastal Highway
City: Lewes
State: DE 19958
Country: United States

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