BOC Sciences Fermentation CDMO Services Prompt a New Era for Pharmaceutical Compound Production

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BOC Sciences Fermentation CDMO Services Prompt a New Era for Pharmaceutical Compound Production

June 29
21:22 2022
BOC Sciences has placed great emphasis on microbial fermentation techniques for years. Its comprehensive fermentation CDMO services and small microbial molecules have delivered tremendous value to the pharmaceutical industry. And the future looks even better.

New York, USA – June 29, 2022 – Pharmaceutical enterprises have been confronted with numerous challenges, such as rising cost pressures and uncertainty in the upstream supply of APIs, antibodies, enzymes, therapeutic proteins, etc. BOC Sciences, featured with a comprehensive fermentation platform, is able to lift them out of the plight by culturing diverse microbial strains (usually fungi and bacteria) to produce the above compounds and significantly reduce the cost.

How do pharmaceutical fermentation services boost customers’ projects from conception to commercialization? BOC Sciences’ newly released report demonstrates that it is distinguished by the following four aspects:

Strain Development/Improvement Service

BOC Sciences has been working with a large number of microorganisms and successfully applied some approaches toward strain improvement, including but not limited to mutagenesis, gene cloning, genetic recombination, gene editing, transfection, and other molecular biology methods. Through expansive operations, technicians are able to obtain microbial strains with enhanced metabolic capacity or microbes of their interest.

Upstream and Downstream Fermentation Process Optimization

Pharmaceutical fermentation process optimization is regarded as a game-changing step since it can greatly affect the formation, concentration, and yield of a particular fermentation end product, thus impacting the entirety of all economics.

Many optimization techniques are available at BOC Sciences for the improvement of fermentation medium and fermentation process conditions. The upstream fermentation process optimization refers to strain improvement, medium selection, strain culture condition selection, etc. Meanwhile, the downstream session includes scale-up, separation, and purification of target products.

Strain Screening and Compound Characterization

BOC Sciences is capable of executing strain screening and metabolite characterization with cutting-edge analytical techniques. Its strain expression system covers a broad spectrum of bacterial systems (E. coli, Streptomyces, Bacillus subtilis) and eukaryotic systems (Aspergillus, Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, etc.).

GMP Complied Fermentation Production

The production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates, and other chemicals or biochemicals for the pharmaceutical industry is conducted in advanced facilities under GMP conditions and appropriate clean rooms. In addition, BOC Sciences strictly follows quality-by-design (QbD) principles to develop, qualify, and manufacture fermented products.

“It took us several years to establish mature workflows for microbial fermentation production. Thankfully, everything is set now for a better customer experience,” the principal investigator of BOC Sciences said.


BOC Sciences is a leading biotech company that specializes in small molecule fermentation. It has a complete set of workflows spanning from strain development, fermentation optimization, to final analysis, which guarantees the production of qualified APIs, metabolites, and other crucial materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

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