“In the night of dark, a ray of hope”, Daniel Khargie is diligent to be The Voice for Women

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“In the night of dark, a ray of hope”, Daniel Khargie is diligent to be The Voice for Women

June 30
13:04 2022
“Finally a man that understands the emotions of women, Daniel Khargie aka Self Love Speaker is passionate on empowering women with his empathy.”

29 June, 2022 – Daniel Khargie aka Self Love Speaker is a recognized woman empowerment speaker on Instagram and Tik-Tok. He is passionate about helping women who are mentally, emotionally, or physically going through abusive relationships. Daniel is also a proclaimed personal coach who offers dating advice for women along with relationship advice for wives and girlfriends. With the majority of women followers and viewers on social media, it becomes easier for Daniel to motivate and influence his targeted audience.

From ancient history till now, the reports of women’s discrimination are never too good to talk about. A study of prevalence data from 2000-2018 that includes 161 countries was directed by WHO towards gathering information on violence against women was presented in 2018. The report shows that almost 1 of every 3, or 30%, of women, have been exposed to physical or potentially sexual violence by an intimate accomplice or non-accomplice sexual violence or both. Daniel includes, “There are still many women who have encountered dangers of physical abuse by an intimate partner, or they have been emotionally damaged or heartbroken”.

Women in the present society are encircled by the sentiments and considerations of others that can annihilate one’s mental state. Daniel expresses, “As far as I might be concerned, mental health is vital”.

Daniel Khargie is one of the very few men who believes and understands the suffering of women in the present society. With his empowering speech and empathy, he has become the voice of all those women who are suffering from emotional breakdowns and heartbreaks.

The ideas, thoughts, and information of a woman is an energy source that assists this society to function. Deductively, women are more emotional than men, yet they are dealt with not as much as men and need to confront more hindrances and deterrents in society.

To eliminate the unconscious bias toward women, Daniel started his blog “Selflovespeaker” in the hopes of assisting women who have experienced heartbreaks, setbacks, and failures throughout everyday life and need to work on themselves with the information that he shares on relationships, life, tips, and apparatuses for self-awareness and advancement. The empathy he offered gained him a large female following.

“Women create the society, society disgraces women. But the power of confidence can create a stronger woman”, Daniel quoted.

The current society is completely surrounded by social media platforms, due to such consideration, Daniel also preceded towards Instagram and Tik Tok platforms. He started giving women empowerment speeches in support of all those women who are facing mental, emotional, and physical abuse in their relationships. His content completely expresses the emotions of suffering women, and his empathetic speaking and motivational skills helped a lot of women to move out of their miserable life and to acquire belief & love in themselves.

About Daniel Khargie

Daniel Khargie is a well-known motivational and women empowerment speaker with 431.7k followers on TikTok and 130k on Instagram. He started his women empowerment speaking in 2018 on Instagram by writing quotes of his thoughts and has now been massively exposed to 100s of thousands of women discovering his content. Daniel has decided to start a blog to help give relationship advice to wives and girlfriends on his blog page Selflovespeaker.com. This blog is to help women get the answers and insights they’re looking for in their relationship. His mission is to help and support as many women as could reasonably be expected to adore themselves, to mend from heartbreaks and setbacks throughout everyday life, to feel empowered, inspired, and persuaded to overcome what is going on and adversities that might happen in their lives and to be a hotspot for counsel on complicated toxic and dying relationships.


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