Ruul’s revolutionary worktech solution is set to replace traditional payroll systems, empowering modern work with unprecedented autonomy and flexibility

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Ruul’s revolutionary worktech solution is set to replace traditional payroll systems, empowering modern work with unprecedented autonomy and flexibility

May 20
05:04 2023
Payroll is Dead. Long Live the Autonomy.

In an era where digital transformation reshapes every aspect of life, Ruul is stepping forward to disrupt the status quo. Introducing Ruul’s groundbreaking worktech solution, a game-changing tool designed to replace traditional payroll systems and empower modern work with autonomy and flexibility. This pioneering solution is set to transform the worktech industry, shifting the paradigm from rigid payroll systems to dynamic, user-centric compliance and financial management, granting talents and organizations alike unprecedented levels of freedom and control.

Ruul is spearheading a radical transformation in the worktech industry with its upcoming AI-assisted tax products. Tailored for today’s modern work landscape, Ruul’s platform prioritizes regulatory compliance and individual freedom, enabling professionals across the globe to invoice business clients and get paid without a legal entity. Soon, this groundbreaking infrastructure will be enhanced with comprehensive tax assistance, granting talents the ultimate autonomy in managing their finances. 

This transformation is expected to pose a significant challenge to the established status of traditional payroll systems. Co-founder Bulut likens traditional payroll systems to infrared technology—outdated and needing an upgrade. “We’re in a new era of work, and our financial systems need to reflect that. Ruul is replacing the old, heavy payroll infrastructure with a light, agile, and more intuitive connection protocol. It’s about giving relief and flexibility to organizations and talents alike,” Bulut said.

Ruul has been at the forefront of redefining the work landscape for six years, revolutionizing how talents and organizations connect. With a robust work infrastructure, Ruul enables talents and organizations to work together in a streamlined and standardized manner, simplifying compliance and cross-border relations for both parties. Building upon this solid foundation, Ruul is poised to introduce an exciting breakthrough: the integration of AI-assisted tax products on a global scale.

This game-changing integration will provide talents with a hassle-free tax compliance solution right at their fingertips. Featuring an array of cutting-edge features, such as real-time tax calculations, effortless tax declarations, seamless tax payments, AI-based tax assistance, and expert CPA consultancy, Ruul is taking tax management to unprecedented heights. With Ruul’s revolutionary AI-assisted tax products, talents can focus on what they do best while effortlessly maintaining compliance with tax regulations worldwide. 

Founded in 2017 by visionary entrepreneurs Esen and Mert Bulut, Ruul is a pioneering worktech company set on redefining the connection between talents and organizations with global invoicing, payment, and agreement features. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing financial performance and simplifying compliance, Ruul has been at the forefront of transforming the worktech landscape. The Bulut siblings’ innovation and leadership were recognized in Fortune’s prestigious 40 Under 40 list in 2022. Demonstrating impressive growth since its inception, Ruul currently empowers over 50,000 talents and supports 10,000 organizations across 120 countries.

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