Lado Okhotnikov About Meta Force Failure in Smart Contracts Operation

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Lado Okhotnikov About Meta Force Failure in Smart Contracts Operation

April 25
04:37 2024

How Meta Force Approached Solving Failures in Smart Contracts Operation | Lado Okhotnikov

When the Meta Force project was launched, there was a large influx of users and extreme load on the system, which led to failures in the operation of smart contracts and the freezing of some funds. In order not to worsen the situation, the project team temporarily stopped the site several times. Lado Okhotnikov urged participants to postpone using the service until the problems were resolved.

Three years ago, when Meta Force was just starting out, the company faced serious problems. As a result of the huge influx of users, some of the participants’ funds were blocked in the blockchain, and a problem arose with identifying the owners of transactions. This could have been the end for many projects, but not for Lado Okhotnikov and his team. The guys showed maximum responsibility and focused on solving the problem.

For over six months, the team worked diligently to determine the identity of each transaction. It was painstaking and tedious work, but they could not give up. As a result, thanks to qualified and careful work, all blocked funds of participants were found and returned to users.

The process of solving the situation that has arisen: data has been collected on all users affected by the problem, the amounts of incorrectly blocked funds have been determined, which money has been written off correctly, a step-by-step plan has been developed for the correct and fair return of funds to program participants. As a result, the money was found in full and fair payments were made.

This incident showed that Meta Force puts the interests of users first. Meta Force continues to develop, over the past three years, more than a dozen updates have been released, the Force Wallet application has been launched, the NFT Marketplace has been opened, and an artificial intelligence-based chatbot has been created.

The case of freezing funds and a worthy solution to the problem strengthened the participants’ faith in what the company was doing – after solving the problem, the number of users increased by another 150 thousand people. This fact confirmed that Lado Okhotnikov is doing everything right and Meta Force is moving in the right direction.

Despite the serious problem and the efforts spent on solving it, this case brought a positive result for the company: the legend that Meta Force is a financial pyramid aimed at enriching a small group of people, deceiving and harming other participants, was dispelled. In fact, the company demonstrated the opposite: maximum efforts were made to preserve user funds and, as a result, all money was returned.

Lado Okhotnikov declares Meta Force’s commitment to the principle of decentralization: the company does not have a sole executive body – decisions are made by consensus within the community of participants.

“This is precisely the essence of a real decentralized financial ecosystem – when management is completely distributed among all participants without central government structures,” concluded Lado Okhotnikov.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is a Web3 technology company. The platform provides interactivity, interaction between users at the level of virtual reality. Its founder Lado Okhotnikov sees the platform as a full-fledged metaverse in which you can relax, study, play, and develop a business. 

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