Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd (UK) To Distribute US $500m (N722e) Economic Hardship Cash Directly To Millions Of Nigerians

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Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd (UK) To Distribute US $500m (N722e) Economic Hardship Cash Directly To Millions Of Nigerians

May 15
22:34 2024

Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd (UK), a fully owned subsidiary of GREYHORSE FINANCIAL CORPORATION (USA) and its group of subsidiaries, affiliates, selected co-investors and investees, and associates has launched a wholly private five year US$100Mn Annual Hardship Fund for Nigerian Beneficiaries (“the Fund”), as an independent apolitical intervention to address accrued and continuing hardship crises which currently define the often neglected bottom of the pyramid in the country. Cash US$ based distribution will be made to millions of qualifying underprivileged Nigerians who are facing economic hardship in the amount of up to US$250 per individual.

The Fund is fully instituted and managed by Greyhorse and its asset and fund managers at its own initiative, with co-involvements of selected non-governmental and governmental organizations as is necessary, including the organized Nigerian Diaspora Fund (mainly US and UK), the Greyhorse Philanthropy Fund, and US Donor-Advised Funds. Focal points of this Fund are financial management of harsher crises of human subsistence and healthcare and allied new beginnings in multiple socio-economic enterprise sectors and sub-sectors. It is increasingly clear that depth of intervention and geographical reach will determine success of the Fund and its interventions and, therefore, that concerted enlistment of conscientious individuals hereby invited is equally consequential to desirable outcomes of these aims.

Greyhorse’s overarching commitment to thoughtful initiatives for and in Nigeria will where necessary be re-inculcated in the beneficiaries hereby invited for recruitment. Motivated enterprise on the part of these beneficiaries is key to their being recruited by Greyhorse as is herein envisaged. Remunerations and rewards are significant and they are typically dollarized, mindful that these significant remunerations are to be restricted and conditioned by the required effectiveness of the Fund and its interventions and by the underpinnings of sustainable self-reliance and delivery which the Fund enunciates and evangelizes so to speak. Recruits are invited to convincingly demonstrate in writing to Greyhorse their own amplified individual preliminary five-year methodologies by way of proposal, complete with technical and financial dimensions thereof. Essential content is expected to include the focus, the scalability, the sustainability, and the targets of the vision of each aspiring beneficiary.

Greyhorse will begin recruitment of over 2,500 resource mobilization agents (RMA) in the coming weeks who will be responsible for the deployment of these funds to the underprivileged across Nigeria. Greyhorse will be publishing open employment positions for individuals and corporations to partner on social media in the coming weeks.


Greyhorse Clearinghouse Limited is a Cross-Border Multi-Currency Blockchain-based Decentralized Clearinghouse that provides custodial settlement services via its external fully collateralized funds. Through its 100% Insured and Proprietary Digital Financial Infrastructure which allows Retail and Institutional Clients immediate Multi-Currency Liquidity. Registered Clients can also Lend, Borrow, Swap and Invest in Domestic and International Securities Markets through our Registered Affiliates as well as Securitize all of their Assets into Dollarization to Hedge against Currency Devaluation and/or Inflation.

Established in 2020 in London, UK. With Over $3.7B in Assets Under Management Representing institutional and retail clients. Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd is one of the Largest Decentralized Clearinghouses and remains a leading service provider to various Financial Institutions in both Developed & Emerging Markets.

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