Legal Tax Defense Assisting Taxpayers in Securing Approvals for Their Offer in Compromise 

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Legal Tax Defense Assisting Taxpayers in Securing Approvals for Their Offer in Compromise 

May 29
08:05 2024
Legal Tax Defense Assisting Taxpayers in Securing Approvals for Their Offer in Compromise 
Legal Tax Defense Expertise and Professionalism Pave the Way for Successful IRS Negotiations.

Legal Tax Defense, Inc. is now offering an Offer In Compromise service in order to assist taxpayers in successfully getting IRS acceptance for their OIC. Best known for their outstanding IRS debt relief services, Legal Tax Defense remains committed to helping individuals and businesses facing substantial tax liabilities with their invaluable expertise and dedicated support.

“As evident, the Offer in Compromise is a vital IRS program that enables taxpayers to settle their tax burden for a portion of what is owed. However, obtaining an OIC is a difficult procedure that requires careful planning and comprehension. Legal Tax Defense is an expert in handling these complexities, ensuring its customers fulfill all obligations and make a strong case to the IRS,” said Jason Delatorre, CFO of Legal Tax Defense, Inc.

Eligibility for an Offer in Compromise

Determining eligibility is the first stage in the OIC process. The IRS assesses an OIC application based on the asset equity, income, expenses, and ability of the person to pay. Therefore, it is necessary to show that there would be severe financial hardship if the entire tax liability was paid. Before moving further, Legal Tax Defense helps clients determine their eligibility by going over IRS regulations and evaluating their financial circumstances.

Verifying Tax Debt Accuracy

Before submitting an OIC application, it is crucial to confirm the accuracy of the tax debt that the IRS has claimed. As Robert Cohen, a famed tax attorney at Legal Tax Defense, puts it, “We not only help customers review their tax records but also compare it with IRS notices and correct any inconsistencies because errors in IRS notices are not uncommon. This action fortifies the OIC proposal and avoids needless overpayments.”

Financial Assessment and Filing Requirements

Getting an OIC application requires an applicant to file all tax returns. Legal Tax Defense makes sure that its clients file any backlog of returns and fixes any errors from earlier files. A careful assessment of finances is also essential. In-depth disclosures of their financial circumstances, including assets, debts, monthly income, and living expenses, are required from clients. Good and truthful reporting is the cornerstone of an effective OIC. 

Submitting the Offer in Compromise

Once eligibility is confirmed and financial evaluation is completed, Legal Tax Defense assists clients in submitting their OIC using IRS Form 656. Proposing a realistic payment amount based on financial documentation increases the likelihood of acceptance. The firm ensures that clients offer the maximum amount they can afford, aligning with IRS expectations.

Professional Assistance and Negotiation

It might be difficult to navigate IRS procedures and tax rules. The group of tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents at Legal Tax Defense offers knowledgeable advice, manages negotiations, and assists in avoiding typical traps. 

Compliance Post-OIC Acceptance

Once an OIC has been accepted, IRS terms must be followed. For at least five years following acceptance, Legal Tax Defense counsels its clients to be current on their future tax obligations to avoid reinstating the original tax burden. 

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