Ahead of the Dry Season, Be Hati Warns of Skin Spots Risk

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Ahead of the Dry Season, Be Hati Warns of Skin Spots Risk

June 12
15:13 2024

A number of regions have entered the dry season. Hot weather begins to be felt throughout the day.

Being located on the Equator, Indonesia gets abundant sun exposure. Although there are many benefits felt, high sun exposure holds risks that must be watched out for.

One of them is the risk of health problems, especially skin. Ultraviolet rays from the sun have the potential to make the skin dull, even appear spots or blotches.

“The risk of spots must be watched out for. This complaint always increases during the dry season,” said dermatologist and owner of Be Hati Skin Clinic, Dr. Khoirul Hadi Sp.KK.

The spots that arise due to the accumulation of melanin or natural skin pigment due to excessive sun exposure are generally harmless. However, this condition can ruin one’s appearance and make them feel less confident.

“Especially when these spots appear in unexpected places, such as the face,” said Dr. Khoirul Hadi Sp.KK.

He suggested that the risk of spots appearing during the dry season should be avoided. There are two methods to prevent sun exposure from affecting the appearance of spots, namely physical and chemical methods.

For physical methods, said Dr. Khoirul Hadi Sp.KK, it can be done by using skin protective equipment, such as hats, masks, umbrellas, and long-sleeved clothing.

While the most popular chemical method is the use of sunscreen before outdoor activities.The correct use of sunscreen will protect the skin from sun exposure.

“Unfortunately, many people use it incorrectly so that the results are not optimal,” he said.

According to Khoirul, one thing that must be considered is the application of sunscreen must be done at least 30 minutes before outdoor activities. It should also be applied evenly on the entire surface of the skin exposed to sunlight.

In addition, excessive sweat production during the dry season makes the use of sunscreen must be repeated evenly.

“Sunscreen is easily washed off by sweat. So its use must be repeated at least every 2 hours,” he said.

One of the most important things is the use of sunscreen that suits the character of the skin. This product can be obtained by consulting an experienced skin specialist to check the type of skin character with the appropriate sunscreen product.

“At Be Hati Skin Clinic, this consultation can be done for free. Even customers from out of town can consult online,” he said.

About Be Hati

Be Hati Skin Clinic is a skin health service center based in Solo City. This clinic is lead by a dermatologist who has 16 years of experience.

Apart from consultations provided directly by experts, this clinic offers various treatments such as BDR, CO2 Laser, Facials, radio frequency, chemical facial peels, laser rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery and fat transfer.

The high level of consumer confidence in the clinic and its experts made Be Hati Skin Clinic decide not to open branches anywhere.

As a solution, Be Hati Skin Clinic provides online consultation facilities so that it can serve the interests of people from outside the city.

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