2019 Assessment Study Shows Invisalign Allows For Improved Aesthetics, Comfort and Oral Hygiene To Patients

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2019 Assessment Study Shows Invisalign Allows For Improved Aesthetics, Comfort and Oral Hygiene To Patients

September 23
20:26 2019

Ever since clear aligners have been introduced to the public back in 1998, ongoing debates have been trying to evaluate the differences and benefits in comparison to fixed braces. Certainly, the technology of both has seen great improvements throughout time, however the question of which one is better remains.

Dental specialists at the Thornhill Dental Office wanted to weigh in, particularly in light of a new comparison study published earlier this year in BMC Oral Health.

Eight papers analyzed to review effectiveness

It is generally recognized among specialists and patients that clear aligners are preferred over conventional, fixed braces for a number of reasons, including convenience and aesthetics. The study aimed to evaluate the differences and effectiveness of each. To do so, eight papers published between 2005 and 2018 were reviewed. The clear aligners researched were all Invisalign, a brand that is now world famous with over 5 million patients having used it to correct their smiles.

The results suggested that in comparison to fixed braces, clear aligners allowed for improved aesthetics, comfort and better oral hygiene for patients of all ages. They also shortened treatment duration overall and allowed for more treatment flexibility given patients had to wear them for 20 to 22 hours per day rather than continuously.

Looping in dental experience

However, both options were proven to be clinically effective and this is what ThornHill Dental Office wants to emphasize. A spokesperson recently stated, “The best way to look at these findings is not by deciding one option is necessarily superior over the other. It’s about taking into consideration patient needs and preferences. Certainly, we know clear aligners such as Invisalign are extremely popular due to their versatility and significant health benefits such as reducing risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay.”

“Conventional braces allow for food to get trapped in the wires increasing the risk of developing an infection or a dental condition. Equally, we need to bear in mind the comfort factor. We know that metal braces can be uncomfortable and even painful. Invisalign on the other hand permits every aligner to be trimmed based on every gum line to aid comfort and appearance, and due to their removable nature, patients can take them out as needed” the spokesperson added.

About Thornhill Dental Office

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